UPTOWN 2022 Presents CIRCLESTUDIO® edition. Like every year, the UPTOWN 2022 event is back in Brussels on the Boulevard de Waterloo and its surroundings.

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VILLAS Decoration Uptown Desing 2022
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For its 8th edition, from 14 to 22 October 2022, the route will give the district the colour of art and design. This year, the art trail will take place over 10 days in several iconic locations in the upper part of the city; exhibitions of works of art, photos, design furniture, objects, installations, etc. Designers, artists, collectives, confirmed and new talents will celebrate contemporary creation along an itinerary that includes the Boulevard de Waterloo and also links the Rue de Namur and the Rue du Grand Cerf. VILLAS is a partner of the event and will give a special award to the artist and designer of its choice.

VILLAS Decoration Uptown Desing 2022

Carine Doutrelepont

Designers, artists, galleries and shops partners of the 2022 edition

UPTOWN is once again an opportunity to discover the works of artists and designer objects on display in more than twenty boutiques, galleries and exhibition spaces in the upper town. The public will be able to discover the latest creations or objects by Alain Berteau at Rimowa, Arnold Goron at Isabel Marant, Carlos Albert at Scapa, Maarten De Ceulaer at DVF, Carine Doutrelepont at Paule Ka, La Gadoue at Samsonite, Nomade Atelier at the MC Project Store, Wai Ming Lung at UPTOWN Gallery, Sylvia Bauer at Natan and Theo Haggai at 7 for All Mankind. Many more unique collaborations will be unveiled in the coming days.

VILLAS Decoration Uptown Desing 2022

Velasco Vitali

VILLAS Decoration Uptown Design 2022

Carlos Albert

New in 2022

UPTOWN innovates with a new label. 2022 will be a special CIRCLESTUDIO® edition with the aim of presenting responsible creation. This approach echoes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). A collaboration with the agency ONE TOWN which developed the CIRCLESTUDIO® responsible label.  With the CIRCLESTUDIO® label, UPTOWN is going to question creation on the subject. Because art, design and fashion can also be both desirable and responsible. The circularity of the economy is everyone’s business. With this CIRCLESTUDIO® label, UPTOWN will question artists and designers who are interested in the issues facing society and who work in harmony with nature.

VILLAS Decoration Uptown Design 2022

Maarten De Ceulaer

VILLAS Decoration Uptown Design 2022

Laetitia de Meyer

  • NOOSANoosa is a bio-renewable, infinitely recyclable and revolutionary circular textile fibre. NOOSA fibre is 100% recyclable thanks to their patented NOOCYCLE technology. Result: 50% less impact than conventional cotton, 100% recyclable and bio-sourced.
  • CYCLUPThis association promotes the social and circular economy. It will present design objects made from fabric, such as poufs that are filled with recycled fabric and covered with jeans. In addition, CYCLUP invites the public to drop off old jeans (trousers and jackets) at the 7 FOR ALL MANKIND shop on the occasion of UPTOWN 2022.
  • UPTOWN GALLERYFor the first time, UPTOWN will have its own ephemeral gallery during the course of the exhibition (at Sill & Sound Architects in Rue de Namur) which will host a solo show by the artist WAI MING LUNG.
VILLAS Decoration Uptown Design 2022

Wai Ming Lung

UPTOWN offers the creative world, which is becoming less and less compartmentalised, the opportunity to inspire and give a committed boost to the world of tomorrow. Right now.  Because art, design and fashion can also be both desirable and responsible. The circularity of the economy is everyone’s business. By making a real commitment to the future, by putting in place value systems, by controlling over-consumption for a better environmental impact, by learning a certain sobriety in everyday behaviour. A new manifesto for consumption and creation.


VILLAS Decoration Uptown Design 2022

Rose Madone

VILLAS Decoration Uptown Design 2022

Theo Haggai

UPTOWN was initiated in 2014 by Kunty Moureau and joined in 2020 by Pascale Dedoncker. Two curators confirm the concept of the exhibition: “A journey that gives pride of place to the mixing of genres and the fusion of inspirations. Classical diktats are being eroded as the creative world becomes less and less compartmentalised, forming an artistic bubble with ever more permeable borders.
To catch the eye, the artist must take possession of the space. This is why we meet with each actor in the project beforehand. To analyse the aesthetic codes of the brand, its values, to combine them with the architecture of a place and to create harmony, rupture or to arouse emotion.”

UPTOWN remains

  • in connection with shops,
  • a work of exchange and reflection on the scenography, inline with the spirit of the brand
  • the discovery of new Belgian and foreign talent
  • a cultural player that now focuses its communication on digital
VILLAS Decoration Uptown Design 2022

Eric-Luc Maquet

VILLAS Decoration Uptown Design 2022

Camille Descombes | CAD

Exhibition: 14.10.2022 > 22.10.2022 – Boulevard de Waterloo, 1000 Brussels https://www.onetownagency.com/

UPTOWN ART & DESIGN TOUR https://www.instagram.com/uptown_design_tour/is an initiative of UADT vzw, in collaboration with the ONE TOWN agency, in partnership with the W-Avenue traders’ association and the City of Brussels.