About VILLAS magazine

VILLAS Decoration Villas 113cover summer 2022 FR

VILLAS Decoration invites readers to discover the fascinating world of luxury design, architecture, and contemporary art.
The pages of the magazine reveal the latest trends in interior decoration, designer furniture, and travel, and also allow readers to visit the most beautiful private homes, admirable hotels, and innovative trade fairs. It is also a chance to be inspired by the lavish interiors, and to discover exotic and attractive places around the world.

The best of contemporary design, elegance and timelessness come together in VILLAS, which is available in two versions: French/English and Dutch/English.

VILLAS magazine is a one-stop shop for all things relating to the art of living – both in Belgium and on an international level

This quarterly magazine is totally dedicated to the universe of homes, interior designs, and their creators. VILLAS Decoration is also a lifestyle magazine. The main focus is on invited architects and designers, who are either famous or pioneers in their fields.

Enthusiasts looking for luxurious renovation ideas, or wanting to be freely inspired by visiting extraordinary homes and exclusive showrooms, will find something to satisfy their curiosity here. Above all, VILLAS’ expertise is a selection of the best – on both a local and international level.

A panoramic guide to architecture and design.

Each season, let yourself be inspired by original reports of the most beautiful properties in Belgium and abroad. The magazine includes indoor and outdoor trend reports, as well as articles focussing on new products spotted at furniture and luxury fairs and major contemporary art exhibitions. Every new issue is an event and is accompanied by partnerships and special sections dedicated to current trends and tastes, such as travel and priceless heritage.

When was VILLAS Decoration founded?

VILLAS Decoration magazine was founded by Raymond and Elisabeth Naumann. Stemming from their love of contemporary architecture, gardens and photography, it has evolved with the times. Since its first issue was published in 1970, the magazine has become iconic in Belgium, as well as in France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Today it is seen as a firm benchmark in the world of architecture, design, decoration and contemporary art.

Readers and advertisers alike renew their confidence in each collector’s edition, having been won over by its vision and the high standard of its content. Distributed in Belgium and overseas, it is also published in two premium formats – in French/English and Dutch/English.

The main values of the magazine

The main motivation of VILLAS is, above all, the desire to exchange and share ideas with – and to be inspired by – experts, amateurs, artists, designers, curators, readers and (in particular) enthusiasts, in relation to the key topics of architecture, luxury design and contemporary art.

More than just a magazine, VILLAS Decoration is presented as a collector’s piece – a unique product, of which the quality is well second to none. Elegant and inspirational, informative and focussed on trends, innovations and news, the editions in French/English and Dutch/English cross borders and secure VILLAS’ position as an international magazine. Naturally, Belgium and its people remain in VILLAS’ soul, both in terms of editorial content and its partnerships.

The VILLAS Decoration team

Passionate and always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration, the VILLAS team is constantly evolving. From artistic direction to editorial concepts, the magazine’s editorial staff engage with the community of creators, entrepreneurs and influencers to keep up to date, and with a view to improving with each issue. Team members travel the world, visiting the most prestigious hotels and discovering the influences behind the construction of private residences. Their expertise, when it comes to information, advice and advertising, is recognised by the Belgian media and international press. They continue to produce VILLAS Decoration magazine with confidence, inspiration and ambition, and to the highest standard. A luxurious title, which is a pioneering staple of Belgium’s magazine printing press.

VILLAS’ mantra is, ‘fully live in the here and now’. Dare to dream about a home which is up-to-date, and is sustainable in any season. Surround yourself with both close friends and professionals. Always open up to your surroundings, and let creativity and chic fill the space!

- Alexandra Hombergen, General administrator of VILLAS Decoration.