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Villa Odaya: a French Riviera vibe

Overlooking the town of Cannes, with a breathtaking view of the Lérins islands, the Villa Odaya is an ode to the blue hues of the Mediterranean. The villa was nothing more than a concrete block when interior designers Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet first set eyes on it and were tasked with designing its layout. […]

This summer issue is all about originality!

After all, what do we look for when we are passionate about architecture, interior design, lifestyle, art and travel?

Diversity, novelty, and information.

Let’s continue to enjoy the good things in life, to dream as we are carried along by the current, because life isn’t always plain sailing! Have a wonderful summer…

Summer 2022


Swimming pools: the latest trends

A swimming pool undoubtedly adds character to a house and garden. Whether small or large, azure or rock-coloured, custom-designed by a landscape architect or by a pool designer, or delivered in the form of “ready-to-swim” monoblock concrete, the number one rule for an elegant pool is to integrate it as discretely as possible into the […]


Occasional furniture puts on a show

Accessory but indispensable, fun and multifunctional, colorful or made of noble materials, occasional furniture provides many services. Footstools and benches, tables, stools, small furniture with wheels, storage bins, bedside tables or ends of sofas … together they form a very practical hybrid furniture. It is also an idea to afford a designer creation at a […]


Japandi design: perfect harmony between Japan and Scandinavia

Japandi design is about making place for sobriety and simplicity. Hovering somewhere between Scandinavian cocooning and Japanese aesthetics, this style makes a masterful impression in our interiors. An exploration of the key elements that underlie a Japandi influenced decoration. An atmosphere that draws on Japanese and Scandinavian philosophy The Japandi style is a hybrid design […]


Artist Arne Quinze reinvents public space

“Art should not be elitist, it is essential to liberate art from its walls”: a quest by Belgian impressionist artist Arne Quinze. This is how the public comes into daily contact with art. His works are installed in cities and transform the public space into an open air museum. This contemporary painter and sculptor creates […]


The lounge chair, modern design icon

A mythical armchair, the lounge chair is a worldwide icon, inscribed in history and more particularly in the history of 20th century design. Much more than a simple resting chair, this seat has become for many brands and designers the archetype of innovation, comfort and modernity. A review of lounge chairs with unequalled qualities and […]