VILLAS magazine celebrates the biggest names and accomplishments in architecture, design, decoration and contemporary art. Private tours of exceptional places, interviews with renowned architects and artists, and remarkable interior design inspiration and trends all feature in this digital logbook, which never fails to surprise.

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16 beautiful architecture and design books to give or to treat yourself

Are you an architecture and design enthusiast looking to add to your collection of books on this art? Villas is now showcasing 16 beautiful architecture and interior design books, to give as gifts or as presents. 1. Visions by Jean-Dominique Burton 50 years of photographs on 4 continents. The book Visions is a retrospective of […]

We wanted this “Collector’s” edition to be different, thought-provoking and spellbinding! We decided to feature some fifty talents from all over the world in one single edition: Architects Designers, Interior Designers, Artists, but also Creators of Extraordinary Hotels. As you leaf through this collection, let the immense genius of those who have inspired us rub off on you. Yes, talent does exist and being in its presence is a humbling experience.

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An architect’s dream: “La Grintosa” in Sardinia

In Porto Cervo, architect Stefania Stera has designed an organic villa that beautifully embraces the sculptural relief of the Sardinian rocky coast.   A “barefoot palace” On the Costa Smeralda, the sea is exceptionally beautiful and there is no shortage of (extremely) fine villas. “La Grintosa”, perched on a small hill that slopes gently down […]


Luxury home fragrances: interior scents that make a difference

Scents play an important role in creating and evoking memories. Christmas with family, dinners with friends and cosy Sundays with the family: the best memories are made at home. The right home fragrance can help reinforce them and make the cosiness last for a long time. After all, an interior scent not only creates atmosphere […]


The finest spas and thermal baths in Belgium

Life is becoming increasingly busy and the collective search for forms of relaxation for the body and mind are on the rise. Wellness centers are booming and attracting more and more visitors. As modest Belgians, we would sometimes forget that our country has many excellent spas and thermal baths. Below is an overview of the […]


Sustainable furniture is on the rise

Today, more than ever, ecology is at the heart of our concerns. We are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and questioning our consumption habits. The sector of design, furniture and decoration is therefore naturally influenced. To respect these values and deep-rooted desires, the sector is reinventing itself. Sustainable, responsible, green furniture is at the […]


Three generations of talented ceramists worth knowing in Belgium

 Ceramics have been appearing more and more in the interior in recent years, and that is not surprising. Ceramics are made using the most essential natural elements: earth, water and fire. This resonates with a longing for unspoilt nature, which is so central to our current spirit. VILLAS goes over some interesting ceramic talents known […]