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The idea of a Special Italy issue had been on our minds since taking over VILLAS magazine in 2016. It was only natural therefore for us to take advantage of the Supersalone and the sheer buzz Milan exudes as a city to give our story a fitting soundtrack. The only difficulty was selecting which Italian architects to feature, given the extraordinary talent crammed into this southern European country.

Autumn edition 21′
A museum in Italy celebrating Bitossi’s design and excellence

Welcome to the Bitossi Archive Museum, an extension to the Bitossi Industrial Archive and a place that is well worth a visit not only to gain an insight into contemporary design but also to discover the historic site of the Vittoriano Bitossi Foundation, in the Florence area. To mark the centenary of the brand, the […]

Meeting with Olivier Dwek, architect of cultured residences

Collectors’ apartments and exclusive penthouses, exceptional mansions and breathtaking second homes… Knokke-le-Zoute, the beautiful districts of Paris and Brussels or even Greece and the most spectacular Greek islands no longer seem to hold any secrets for the Belgian architect Olivier Dwek. A visionary and designer who has also designed some of the most beautiful galleries, […]

Christo and Jeanne-Claude, masters of land art

An artist of excess in search of universal beauty and a master of open-air wrapping, Christo Vladimirov Javacheff created many large-scale works in the course of his life. But what would Christo be without Jeanne-Claude, his alter ego, his eternal accomplice or artistic double? As the brains behind the prodigious duo, Jeanne-Claude participated in the […]