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Interior design guidelines by Laurence Sonck

To the rigor of the volumes, she couples an arty touch. In all the spaces she creates, she distills clues that reflect the personality of the occupants. Laurence Sonck practices her work intuitively and engages in a rich dialogue with her clients. Because her architectural practice is linked to the essential and, above all, to […]

Islands…When we talk about islands, we have this feeling of newfound freedom, sweetness and light.

Villas wanted to pay tribute to various places that boast a sublime beauty, each featuring its own unique architecture! Japan, an island on a bigger scale and blessed with an incomparable culture. The focus here is on ceramics.Once again, the Japanese live up to their reputation as craftsmen – or should we say artists – who work with a delicacy rarely found anywhere else in the world, with an elegance that is well and truly breath-taking.For this new season that we hope will be kind to all, the watchword is simple: Inspiration, in every sense of the term…

Autumn ’22


Swimming pools: the latest trends

A swimming pool undoubtedly adds character to a house and garden. Whether small or large, azure or rock-coloured, custom-designed by a landscape architect or by a pool designer, or delivered in the form of “ready-to-swim” monoblock concrete, the number one rule for an elegant pool is to integrate it as discretely as possible into the […]

The bathroom: a mix of technology and aesthetics

Out of concern for the privacy of its occupants, the bathroom is more often than not situated on the first floor (when there is one), often communicating with the bedroom. Today, it fulfils multiple technical sanitary and aesthetic purposes, as a space to perform your ablutions and take care of your personal grooming, while also […]


5 luxury hotels to (re)discover

Exceptional location, breathtaking architecture, unique experience, attentive service…. Many superlatives to describe these hotels. Villas Decoration has selected for you the 5 most beautiful establishments worth visiting. To escape for a while and get inspiration for your future trips and stays, discover or rediscover these luxury hotels, each one even more beautiful than the other. […]


Sustainable furniture is on the rise

Today, more than ever, ecology is at the heart of our concerns. We are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and questioning our consumption habits. The sector of design, furniture and decoration is therefore naturally influenced. To respect these values and deep-rooted desires, the sector is reinventing itself. Sustainable, responsible, green furniture is at the […]


Ceramics: Renewed attention for an ancient craft

In an increasingly technological and online world, our craving for tactile and natural materials remains a constant. What could be more earthy than ceramics, an ancient craft involving the natural elements of earth, water and fire? The popularity of ceramics is growing steadily these days. Numerous talented designers are putting a new spin on ancient […]


Three generations of talented ceramists worth knowing in Belgium

 Ceramics have been appearing more and more in the interior in recent years, and that is not surprising. Ceramics are made using the most essential natural elements: earth, water and fire. This resonates with a longing for unspoilt nature, which is so central to our current spirit. VILLAS goes over some interesting ceramic talents known […]