VILLAS magazine highlights the artists who exhibit their works on the walls and in the spaces of the most prestigious museums, galleries and trade fairs. Belgian and international artists and curators exclusively share their work and inspiration, through private studio and workshop tours and incredible glimpses of modern and contemporary art collections.
Ionnyk, a connected device that revolutionises the photographic approach.

Using electronic paper technology, Ionnyk is a world first, made in Belgium, in which digital technology replaces film to perfection. The device consists of a connected art frame composed of millions of black and white ink capsules that move in time and space. Just like a film photograph, this frame offers a high quality rendering, […]

The features we have prepared for you in this edition see us steer our sights towards the Middle East, a region with its own distinct personality from the rest of the world… How? By showcasing eye-catching houses, architecture and gardens that open up horizons far beyond our European shores. The United Arab Emirates, and Dubai in particular, as well as being popular business and tourism destinations, have evolved into a “laboratory” for avant-garde ideas and projects in the fields of design and urban planning. Morocco, a sublime city that subtly blends tradition and modernity, notably in this property designed by the emblematic Studio KO, the essential architectural duo. Marrakech remains a destination that never disappoints. There is always something to discover in the Imperial City. A change of scenery is guaranteed, and a few days away for a weekend, even at the last minute, is a promise of authentic pleasures…

Art and Crafts : hands of gold

There is no end to the inventiveness of craftspeople. Whether they develop their own techniques or combine ancient and modern processes, they reinvent their craft. Some do so in conjunction with designers, architects, interior decorators or luxury brands, their privileged partners. In some cases, they wear two hats, that of designer and manufacturer. Artists cum […]