VILLAS magazine highlights the artists who exhibit their works on the walls and in the spaces of the most prestigious museums, galleries and trade fairs. Belgian and international artists and curators exclusively share their work and inspiration, through private studio and workshop tours and incredible glimpses of modern and contemporary art collections.
When Art and Design become one

Total immersion in the heart of a world of traditional know-how, passion, creativity and innovation. Villas takes you on a journey of discovery of men and women who imagine, shape, transform and/or restore exceptional pieces of art and design. 6 craftsmen competing in both ingenuity and talent. Coup de Foudre: a luminous, poetic and magical […]

Spring is here. Ushering in its wake a keen urge to be out and about. To enjoy our garden. To go off on holiday, to the seaside or the mountains. To get some action. To get some fresh air. To get some space. Indoor or outdoor living is no longer the question, the boundary between the inside and the outside becoming increasingly blurred. A gentle breeze of change and renewal can be felt blowing through this new edition of VILLAS magazine, tempting us to head off to greener pastures, to go and see what is being done elsewhere and be inspired. Softly, softly… with a spring in our step…

Spring/Summer ’23
Brafa 2023: back to normal… but better!

The 68th edition of this European art fair, in which Belgian and Dutch galleries take centre stage, took place for the second time at the Brussels Expo in Heysel, in Palaces 3 and 4. Thanks to the 5,000 m2 of additional space compared to last year, 13 additional galleries, including 5 French ones, exhibited around […]