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Art Dubaï

The gamble paid off for this gallery owner, recognised as one of the most influential women in the art world today. Meeting Leila Heller is tantamount to touching the stars for anyone with a sweeping passion for art. Originally from Iran, she studied art in New York, at Sotheby’s in London and in Washington, where […]

Belgitude at the peak of its popularity!

Belgium may be a small and, admittedly, rainy part of the world, albeit brightened up by the characteristically sunny disposition of my compatriots, but I can safely say that it is also a rich country. A four-letter word that could be interpreted in a thousand and one different ways. I use the adjective here in the sense of profusion.

A profusion of talent, ideas and genres in so many sectors! Including our living environment. Belgian architects based here and elsewhere have already demonstrated what they are capable of in terms of project quality, perspective, harmony, tone and functionality. Belgian taste is highly appreciated abroad, and how many times have I heard it said on my foreign travels: “Ah, the Belgians, they’re so friendly and epicurean!” We get good press, and that suits us just fine…

VILLAS is looking ahead to 2024 with pleasure and passion. New ideas are coming thick and fast.

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Portuguese ceramics: an art with a thousand possibilities

Portuguese ceramics have an exclusive character; a unique blend of heritage, culture and imagination backed by determination and passion. Portugal Ceramics, is a brand developed by the Portuguese Association of the Ceramic and Glass Industry (APICER) to promote the sector. Created as part of the INTERCER project – Promoting the Internationalisation of Portuguese […]