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The eminence of contemporary architectural language by Erpicum

Bruno Erpicum’s deep respect for nature and modern intuition make him one of the most sought-after Belgian architects today, from Uccle to Ibiza. Stone, concrete, clay and wood mainly, but also symbiosis with the landscape and perfect integration of radical and pure architectural forms have characterized his practice for over 30 years. The Erpicum office […]

VILLAS TEAM is now ready to introduce to you “THE” spring Issue! On the program: Outdoor and Green.
This number is joyful and imbued with a rediscovered freedom.
For kitchen enthusiasts, everything is possible in this publication!
Without forgetting to travel further and in complete serenity.
This VILLAS will make you dream of adventure at home and abroad…

Spring/Summer ’22
The most interesting architecture books of Spring

There is no better way to learn and get inspired than by reading a fascinating book. VILLAS made a selection of six brand new architecture books, with subjects ranging from terrazzo to the oeuvre of the American architect Louis Kahn, that definitely deserve a place in your library.  Ode to the skyscraper 565 Broome Soho […]