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16 beautiful architecture and design books to give or to treat yourself

Are you an architecture and design enthusiast looking to add to your collection of books on this art? Villas is now showcasing 16 beautiful architecture and interior design books, to give as gifts or as presents. 1. Visions by Jean-Dominique Burton 50 years of photographs on 4 continents. The book Visions is a retrospective of […]

We wanted this “Collector’s” edition to be different, thought-provoking and spellbinding! We decided to feature some fifty talents from all over the world in one single edition: Architects Designers, Interior Designers, Artists, but also Creators of Extraordinary Hotels. As you leaf through this collection, let the immense genius of those who have inspired us rub off on you. Yes, talent does exist and being in its presence is a humbling experience.

VILLAS 112 The Book
Villas The Book : Architecture (part 1)

Architecture, or the art of designing a building, whether it be private or public, whose restrictions and limitations are the main creative resources for an architect. These restrictions include empirical construction or scientific rules, the aesthetic concepts of form and space planning, and the social and environmental considerations associated with the function of the structure […]