Dream houses and apartments have a lot to thank VILLAS for. A room with a view of the sea, a home surrounded by nature or in the city… The residences of the most extraordinary architects and decorators exclusively open their doors, to let readers be inspired by their unique styles and materials. The magazine is a gold mine of inspiration for interior architecture enthusiasts, who will find something in these exceptional settings and tailor-made spaces to feed their curiosity.
Dining room: come and dine with me

The ideal table must be welcoming yet practical, designed to meet the tastes and requirements of its users as closely as possible, in terms of shape, materials, dimensions, style and extendibility. Round and oval tables have emerged as the latest trend, winning over fans with their soft, flowing lines and encouraging interaction and dialogue between […]

The features we have prepared for you in this edition see us steer our sights towards the Middle East, a region with its own distinct personality from the rest of the world… How? By showcasing eye-catching houses, architecture and gardens that open up horizons far beyond our European shores. The United Arab Emirates, and Dubai in particular, as well as being popular business and tourism destinations, have evolved into a “laboratory” for avant-garde ideas and projects in the fields of design and urban planning. Morocco, a sublime city that subtly blends tradition and modernity, notably in this property designed by the emblematic Studio KO, the essential architectural duo. Marrakech remains a destination that never disappoints. There is always something to discover in the Imperial City. A change of scenery is guaranteed, and a few days away for a weekend, even at the last minute, is a promise of authentic pleasures…

Furnishing fabrics reveal the modernity of the past.

Dive into richly textured fabrics inspired by nature and the plant and animal world. Between weaves inherited from ancient traditions revisited and motifs reworked or embroidered to offer subtle nuances, the creations offer us a real celebration for the senses!   Italy in the spotlight! It all begins in the Renaissance and continues into the […]