Dream houses and apartments have a lot to thank VILLAS for. A room with a view of the sea, a home surrounded by nature or in the city… The residences of the most extraordinary architects and decorators exclusively open their doors, to let readers be inspired by their unique styles and materials. The magazine is a gold mine of inspiration for interior architecture enthusiasts, who will find something in these exceptional settings and tailor-made spaces to feed their curiosity.
Belgian interior design shops

Small though it may be, our country has many leading interior design addresses that have also made a name for themselves beyond our borders. Each of these interior design shops is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and offers a careful selection of furniture and interior design objects for design lovers. Graanmarkt 13 Graanmarkt 13 is […]

This summer issue is all about originality!

After all, what do we look for when we are passionate about architecture, interior design, lifestyle, art and travel?

Diversity, novelty, and information.

Let’s continue to enjoy the good things in life, to dream as we are carried along by the current, because life isn’t always plain sailing! Have a wonderful summer…

Summer 2022
Sarah Poniatowski: Inspired and inspiring

Maison Sarah Lavoine is a design studio, showroom, space and furniture designer, offering a chic and bold vision of design. A true “tailor made” style: lavish, multiple and modern. Sarah Lavoine, born Poniatowski, represents the alternative wave of modern classicism and makes us think about the way we want to live today: style and precision […]