Dream houses and apartments have a lot to thank VILLAS for. A room with a view of the sea, a home surrounded by nature or in the city… The residences of the most extraordinary architects and decorators exclusively open their doors, to let readers be inspired by their unique styles and materials. The magazine is a gold mine of inspiration for interior architecture enthusiasts, who will find something in these exceptional settings and tailor-made spaces to feed their curiosity.
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Bathrooms: spaces for relaxation and well-being

Neolith surfaces make it possible to create unique bathrooms of intense and serene beauty, promoting sensations and emotions that increase well-being and quality of life. Relaxation and well-being are the criteria that best define bathrooms in 2022. Spaces that concentrate the latest trends in design, lighting, materials and technology to create perfect spaces that open […]

We wanted this “Collector’s” edition to be different, thought-provoking and spellbinding! We decided to feature some fifty talents from all over the world in one single edition: Architects Designers, Interior Designers, Artists, but also Creators of Extraordinary Hotels. As you leaf through this collection, let the immense genius of those who have inspired us rub off on you. Yes, talent does exist and being in its presence is a humbling experience.

VILLAS 112 The Book
Luxury home fragrances: interior scents that make a difference

Scents play an important role in creating and evoking memories. Christmas with family, dinners with friends and cosy Sundays with the family: the best memories are made at home. The right home fragrance can help reinforce them and make the cosiness last for a long time. After all, an interior scent not only creates atmosphere […]