Dream houses and apartments have a lot to thank VILLAS for. A room with a view of the sea, a home surrounded by nature or in the city… The residences of the most extraordinary architects and decorators exclusively open their doors, to let readers be inspired by their unique styles and materials. The magazine is a gold mine of inspiration for interior architecture enthusiasts, who will find something in these exceptional settings and tailor-made spaces to feed their curiosity.
The modern designer bedroom, a luxurious retreat

A haven of peace, a cosy nest, a cocoon of intimacy… the bedroom invites us to unwind and wallow in its soothing energy. A space to shake off the outside world… once you enter it, it is difficult to leave. And this is partly down to the way you organise and decorate it. Let us […]

The idea of a Special Italy issue had been on our minds since taking over VILLAS magazine in 2016. It was only natural therefore for us to take advantage of the Supersalone and the sheer buzz Milan exudes as a city to give our story a fitting soundtrack. The only difficulty was selecting which Italian architects to feature, given the extraordinary talent crammed into this southern European country.

Autumn edition 21′
The most important trends in bespoke design doors made in Italy

“A door is not an object, it is a moment, it is an action, it is the beginning of a story. It is a mystery, a drama, an opera.” French star designer Philippe Starck does not underestimate the role that doors play in our home, and neither should we. That is why we take a […]