Dream houses and apartments have a lot to thank VILLAS for. A room with a view of the sea, a home surrounded by nature or in the city… The residences of the most extraordinary architects and decorators exclusively open their doors, to let readers be inspired by their unique styles and materials. The magazine is a gold mine of inspiration for interior architecture enthusiasts, who will find something in these exceptional settings and tailor-made spaces to feed their curiosity.
Warm browns and greens are the new neutrals in interior design

Now the heyday of white and gray has passed, a new era has dawned in interior design. Warmth and softness are the lead characters of the current color palette. Natural and muted shades of brown and green form the perfect base for a contemporary interior, brightened by earth tones that vary from ochre to rust […]

The entire editorial team has been abuzz, intent on wrapping up an exceptional issue, one that goes beyond the stereotyped, the systematic, the stale. A magazine that will draw the gasps of our readers and the attention of our advertisers. A creative, brilliant, elegant issue: a scintillating « Collector’s edition » that flaunts luxury in all its facets. Packed full of gift ideas, design concepts, travel and escapism.

Winter ’21
The indoor pool, the epitome of luxury

Synonymous with well-being and privilege, the indoor swimming pool invites itself into the most beautiful homes and apartments. With its own space called the swimming room, it is a real attraction stealing the show from the other rooms in the house. A luxury indoor pool or pond, it is a premium piece of equipment and […]