5 Instagram accounts to follow (2)

Here we go again with a selection of 5 Instagram accounts to follow. Architects, designers, inspiring profiles... A compilation of unique decorating worlds that Villas never tires of watching. In the course of the posts: space planning with harmony, decorating trends and large-scale projects. Something to inspire decorating aficionados!

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1. @t.e.n.a.r.c.h.i.t.e.c.t.s, a poetic and minimalist universe

Dedication, creativity, quality and the use of sustainable and natural materials are the keywords of the Antwerp-based architecture and interior design firm TENARCHITECTS. A singularity that is immediately visible on the office’s Instagram account.

The account reveals the firm’s various projects, furniture design, renovations, fittings and the news of its director, the architect Elke Van Goel.

The presentation of the office’s projects on the social network reflects the firm’s signature. The various shots are mainly punctuated by timeless and durable furniture, custom-made in Belgium, soft colours, a pure poetic style and a great attention to detail. TENARCHITECTS is committed to creating designs that are in perfect harmony with the environment and completely adapted to its users. According to their inspiring Instagram posts, they have succeeded with flying colours!

VILLAS Decoration comptes instagram 2

TEN Architects

2. @minimalismoarchitecture, the Instagram account for contemporary architecture lovers

A fan of minimalist style and clean lines, the Minimalismoarchitecture Instagram account pays homage to the modern and contemporary architecture that is currently in vogue. His posts capture the beauty of luxurious homes and structures set in the middle of nature. Pictures that make us want to go somewhere else!

On a daily basis, it showcases real architectural nuggets created by great designers: a mirror or cubic house, a home suspended above the water, a haven of peace perfectly integrated into the environment, a minimalist design interior, a luxurious infinity pool…

In addition to these sumptuous shots, the account, via real videos, looks at interior design details to feed our need for inspiration. We can thus observe sublime high-end fittings with a pure aesthetic. A delight for the eyes.

VILLAS Decoration comptes instagram 2

Minimalismo Architecture

3. @uniqueluxurystyle, a dive into luxury design

Unique Luxury Style is the ultimate design Instagram account! It embraces trendy furniture, contemporary interior design and luxury decoration, signed by the biggest names. The account swears by harmonious, luminous and designer spaces by presenting its community with numerous tastefully decorated living rooms.

The Unique Luxury Style profile is a real concentrate of luxurious environments and unique objects. On its feed, you can admire :

A few reels allow us to immerse ourselves in these unique and breathtakingly beautiful spaces. The account takes us on a journey through the world’s most beautiful interiors. It is certainly a source of inspiration to rethink our decoration.

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Unique Luxury style

4. @kellybehunstudio, the Instagram account of the famous New York interior design firm

Kelly Behun is one of today’s most influential and inspiring interior designers. She has revolutionised the world of design by incorporating her creative touch and offering a personalised and individualised approach to each of her clients. Kelly Behun is known for bringing a gallerist’s eye to all her projects and has worked alongside some of the world’s leading architects: Andrée Putman and Philippe Starck.

On her Instagram account Kelly Behun Studio, in stories or posts, she shares her daily life, her design favourites, her passion for artworks and her creations with a quirky accent, both indoors and outdoors. Her photos are carefully and skilfully crafted. A scenography that awakens emotions and sensations.

VILLAS Decoration comptes instagram 2

Kelly Behun

5. @akerostudio, a mix of inspiring art, architecture, design and atmosphere

A profusion of natural furniture and colours, a soothing atmosphere, a sober style, a play of light… An air of Japanese design emanates from the pictures of the Akero account. He shares his favourite creations signed by great architects and designers. We particularly appreciate the information and details about the project that accompany the posts. Akero doesn’t just publish images, it also features different artists. It highlights the talent of women in this field: the Iraqi-British urbanist Zaha Hadid (an Instagram account to follow!), the British painter Jenny Saville or the French designer Charlotte Perriand, whose work was recently exhibited at the Design Museum Brussels. The account also traces the careers of legendary architects.

VILLAS Decoration comptes instagram 2


A new selection of artists and Instagram accounts to follow is coming soon. One thing’s for sure: you won’t lack inspiration!