Should you choose for renovation or new construction?

When deciding to buy a new home, the most important choice one often has to make is between building a new house or renovating an existing property. Both options have several advantages, the right choice depends on what you prioritize. We review the benefits of both possibilities.

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The benefits of home renovation

A home with history

Buyers often prefer an existing home over new construction because they like living in a house that exudes character and history, especially if it was designed by a well-known architect or in a typical architectural style. These types of homes often exude a certain atmosphere that cannot be replicated in a new construction. However, older houses usually need renovation, not only to provide them with modern comfort, but also to adapt them to the personal taste and demands of the new residents. A successful renovation requires skilled professionals, especially when it comes to precious homes. That is why it is crucial that you engage the right company, such as Vlassak-Verhulst, an expert in both renovation and new construction.

VILLAS Decoration construction or renovation

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More budget-friendly than new construction

The budget can also play an essential role when choosing between a renovation project or a new home. The cost of new construction is generally a lot higher than when renovating an existing home. Of course, this depends on several factors, such as the materials used, the degree of finish and the particular house. However, as a general rule, building is more expensive than renovating. In addition, the Belgian government encourages the renovation of houses through various premiums and a reduced VAT rate for homes that are at least ten years old.

Faster than new construction

Building a new home from scratch can take several years. A major advantage of renovating an existing home is that it can be executed quite fast. In many cases it is also possible to continue living in your house during the improvements, especially if you choose to renovate one room at a time. However, you should take into account that renovations tend to be rather inconvenient and can cause quite a lot of disruption.

The benefits of new construction

Architectural freedom

The great and often decisive advantage of choosing for a new-build home is the freedom you have to design your house according to your own wishes and demands. Those who favour a highly contemporary architectural style also generally opt to have a new home built. The Belgian developer Rietveld Projects is renowned for their pure and timeless design style, which stems from a well-considered vision based on the concept of less is more. Naturhome, which has more than forty years of experience in new construction and specializes in (partially) wooden homes, is also known for their contemporary yet warm architectural style characterized by clean lines.

VILLAS Decoration construction or renovation


VILLAS Decoration construction or renovation


Low maintenance and energy costs

A new home is usually more expensive than an existing one, but this can be compensated slightly by the lower costs once the home is built. During the first few years, the maintenance costs will be significantly lower compared to an existing home, as everything is brand new. New homes today also have to meet very strict standards in terms of insulation, energy efficiency and ventilation, which is reflected in a lower energy bill. Of course, it is also possible to make the necessary adjustments in an existing home to so that the building is as energy-efficient as possible, but only in rare cases will this equal the level of a new construction.


Living in a sustainable and more ecologically conscious way is becoming increasingly self-evident. This is partly due to the high energy requirements of the government, but also to a shift in mindset among a large part of the population, which makes people more inclined to choose a sustainable way of living. If you want to live as sustainably as possible, you can opt for a passive house. This type of house has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible and is aimed at optimal summer and winter comfort. During most of the year a passive house can be kept at room temperature without the need for a traditional heating or cooling system. When extreme weather conditions present themselves, it is possible to switch to an active heating source. Construction companies such as Dwelling specialize in building passive and zero energy homes in a contemporary style, thanks to innovative techniques such as the Cross Laminated Timber system.

High resale value

Lastly, it can also be interesting to opt for new construction if you are thinking of reselling the property in the nearby future. New homes generally have a higher resale value than older houses because the age and energy performance of a residence play a significant role in determining a property’s value.