Swimming pools: the latest trends

A swimming pool undoubtedly adds character to a house and garden. Whether small or large, azure or rock-coloured, custom-designed by a landscape architect or by a pool designer, or delivered in the form of “ready-to-swim” monoblock concrete, the number one rule for an elegant pool is to integrate it as discretely as possible into the surrounding landscape.

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VILLAS Decoration Piscines
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VILLAS Decoration Piscines

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This may be a natural environment, an infinity pool that allows the horizon to merge with the water, or an eco-responsible pool coupled with a planted biotope and equipped with a dark, grey or black liner, which gives it a resolutely contemporary vibe. There is also a growing trend towards swimming lanes, which today are even available as mixed pools combining a swimming lane with a family pool to keep everyone happy. And when the garden, terrace, courtyard or basement are non-existent, too small or unsuitable for a pool, you can always install one on a rooftop or other elevated space! These astonishing projects show that a swimming pool can fit in anywhere. All it takes is imagination and skill.

A swimming pool is also inextricably linked to its immediate environment and the furniture specially designed to make its “decks” more welcoming. Made of teak wood, aluminium, wicker or synthetic material, this outdoor furniture adds the finishing lifestyle touch to poolside areas and terraces, with the same attention to style and comfort as a piece of living room furniture. One clear trend is the shift away from azure blue pools to more natural liners in black, grey, green, beige or pale pink, which give the water a very natural transparency.

VILLAS Decoration Piscines


Natural pools   

The natural pool is a swimming pool concept based on the lagooning technique in which the water is purified by plants. The filtration process is carried out by circulating the water through an external pump combined with a sand filter and an ultraviolet lamp designed to sterilise the bathing water and thus avoid the “green water” phenomenon. Only 15% of the total pool area is taken up by the planted area, with the rest remaining free for you to swim in.

VILLAS Decoration Piscines


Architectural pools

From the traditional pool with a liner floor to the free-form prestige pool, anything goes. Water architects have pushed back the limits to come up with the most surprising geometries, often in the most unexpected places. Today’s technologies make it possible to order pools in reinforced concrete or wood, with mosaic walls or liners, to opt for a pool straight out of Hollywood or with a more classic shape. A pool style for every need… and every budget.

VILLAS Decoration Piscines

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VILLAS Decoration Piscines

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The latest trends  

There has been a real change in the popularity of different types of swimming pools. Hardly surprising given that, when you add up the cost of construction, the cost of maintenance and the cost of equipment, not to mention the environmental impact, the bill can be high. To keep down the overall cost, some people are opting for pools with a shallower depth (1.30 to 1.50 m), which limits the total volume of water. Mini-pools are also becoming increasingly popular, a term that refers to all pools that are less than 10 m²!

VILLAS Decoration Piscines

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All swimming pools have one common denominator: maintenance. Yes, the flip side of the luxury of having a swimming pool at home is that the water needs to be constantly filtered, cleaned, covered, heated… A time-consuming activity that should not be overlooked when taking the plunge. To keep the water clear and healthy, and to prevent the development of microscopic algae and certain bacteria, regular treatment with chlorine must be carried out according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is also possible to opt for different recurrent water treatment methods: ozone, bromine, salt electrolysis, UV radiation, PHMB, ozone and active oxygen. The automatic pool cleaner is a fast and efficient ally, sucking up debris and cleaning the bottom and sides of the pool, depending on its size, depth and shape.

VILLAS Decoration Piscines