The design of a luxurious landscape garden

Today, more than ever, the garden has become an integral part of the house. A real extension creating a link with the interior. And like every room in a home, it is no exception to the rule and obeys the decorating trends. A well-tended landscaped garden gives a whole new dimension to moments of rest and sharing. By combining luxurious design and well-being, it reveals its full potential and is transformed into a green and elegant haven of peace.

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Thinking about the landscape project as a whole

Sophisticated French garden with structured forms or rather picturesque English garden with irregular curves? Bucolic, Provençal, modern or graphic? The garden, in mini or maxi version, is available in a multitude of styles. To stage the spectacle of nature and the theatre of one’s desires, the project must be thought out in its entirety. The main guidelines are drawn in mind or on paper and bring together the inspirations and desires, but also the needs. Giving life to your outdoor environment and creating a green masterpiece is an art. You have to think about design, proportions, tones, uses, zones, decorative elements and budget. Once the ideas are set, all that’s left is to move from dream to reality.

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Create a landscape plan with the help of a landscape architect

A successful exterior rhymes with a well thought-out design. Beginning gardeners are sometimes at a loss when faced with the scope of such an outdoor project. That’s why the help of a landscape architect becomes invaluable. The expert will listen to your wishes and budgets and will take a global look at the reality of the project.

Since 1969, SA Christian Devallée, today managed by Régis Devallée, a renowned landscape architect, has been putting its know-how and expertise at the service of the most beautiful made-to-measure gardens in Belgium, and sometimes even abroad. In order to visualise the project in a concrete way, these talented landscape architects make an initial sketch of the future lush garden. They then draw up a scale diagram of the entire garden, noting the current elements to be retained, removing those to be removed and adding the new ones: a plant setting that sets the scene for the dream layout. This is an essential step in order to avoid design errors: masking a panoramic view of the garden from a dining room or obstructing traffic near the paths, doors and windows of the house.

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Delineate the different zones of the green space and take care of the pathways

The key to a successful landscape garden? Organized zones to delimit the spaces for relaxation, storage, games or the dining area. Each area has its own separation and access, while maintaining harmony and continuity between the landscapes. Numerous small winding paths connect in a charming way.

A few square meters are dedicated to the terrace, often close to the house in order to create an extension of the living room or a veranda towards the outside. The terrace is covered to enjoy a green picture throughout the seasons or uncovered, under the open sky, to contemplate the stars on summer nights. The dining area has a design floor in natural wood or stone for a contemporary feel. A path of flowers, stones or gravel with an aesthetic border creates a border with the garden and facilitates access to the pool, the swimming pool or the pond. A screen or a fence preserves the intimacy around this water space and takes part in the outside decoration. The floor of the pool is decorated with a clear and pure paving to complete the design. The landscapers also take care of these installations and integrate them into the general atmosphere of the garden.

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Planting the landscape garden with exceptional plants and flowers

To compose a lush garden, the plants play a major role. The plants and flowers will have to match each other, but also adapt to the configuration of the land, the climate, the exposure and the type of soil. Depending on the desired varieties, the compatibility of development and the balance between colours, shapes and volumes, it is difficult to make a choice. The landscape architect will be able to easily combine these criteria to form the best plant composition.

Once the associations have been imagined, it’s time for the layout. To create a soft variation of green tones and to achieve beautiful contrasts, the volume, perspectives, heights and shapes are studied. A dense vegetation composed of bushes and shrubs dresses the space and gives body to the lawn. A wide variety of woody, perennial and seasonal plants provide a lively scene. Flowers with bold graphics, textures and colours bring rhythm and lightness to the garden. Climbing vegetation or a wall of plants also act as an aesthetic and bucolic space divider.

VILLAS Decoration Christian Devallée

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Arrange garden furniture and design elements

The remodeling of the garden is decided, the plan is ready, the zones are delimited and the plants are selected, only the final touch is missing: the decoration. The whole must be in perfect harmony with the philosophy of the landscaping project. A garden lounge is set up on the terrace, a pergola, armchairs and pretty planters are installed in a relaxation area, a parasol and deckchairs are added near the swimming pool… The decorative elements are carefully chosen for a united, homogeneous and coherent result. Christian and Régis Devallée have joined forces with trusted partners such as the German manufacturer house Dedon and the Italian furniture brand Alias to complete the landscaping of a garden with luxurious pieces: the assurance of an attractive and designer exterior.

The installation of a spa, a hammam and any other prestigious equipment, night lighting or an automatic watering system is provided by Belgian landscape architects.

Setting a timeline for designing a landscape garden

The project is becoming clearer, the thinking is finally clear and realistic. It’s time for our team of workers to carry out the garden renovation work from A to Z. The ideal time to start the work? During the low season. The work will be spread over several months, sometimes more, due to unforeseen circumstances or capricious weather. It is therefore preferable to start the project early. The landscapers will determine the schedule according to priorities, including planting, which is done in the fall. The plants will be able to give the best of themselves during the summer period. Appointments with these experts should therefore be made in advance so that you can take full advantage of this new landscaped area with character as early as the summer.

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