Jeroen Broux : “Instagram is a modern form of art gallery.”

Jeroen Broux prefers to describe himself as a ‘visual artist’. His minimalist paintings are all the rage on Instagram, earning him clients all over the world. In the meantime, his paintings are no longer just hanging in Belgium, but also in the south of France, Stockholm, Sydney, Mexico and even Saudi Arabia. In addition, he […]

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Islands…When we talk about islands, we have this feeling of newfound freedom, sweetness and light.

Villas wanted to pay tribute to various places that boast a sublime beauty, each featuring its own unique architecture! Japan, an island on a bigger scale and blessed with an incomparable culture. The focus here is on ceramics.Once again, the Japanese live up to their reputation as craftsmen – or should we say artists – who work with a delicacy rarely found anywhere else in the world, with an elegance that is well and truly breath-taking.For this new season that we hope will be kind to all, the watchword is simple: Inspiration, in every sense of the term…

Autumn ’22