cc-tapis and the digital rug

By creating an e-shop, the cc-tapis brand is ambitiously revolutionising the display and sale of contemporary rugs for individuals and design collectors. The Italian company, which has its offices and showroom in the heart of Milan, has gained kudos for its innovations and original artistic collaborations with leading Italian designers such as Patricia Urquiola, or the Belgians Muller Van Severen, as well as for its events during the Salone del Mobile. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its creation, the company is not only rolling out a digital catalogue and exhibition space that can be accessed via a virtual visit, but also launching a new online collection. Designed by Marco De Vincenzo, who has teamed up with the Max Mara Group fashion brand, this is the first in this new line.

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Buy the most beautiful designer rugs thanks to e-commerce

cc-tapis, manufacturer of contemporary, custom-made and responsible rugs

Founded in 2021 and headed up by creative couple Nelcya Chamszadeh and Fabrizio Cantoni, cc-tapis has naturally established itself in the high-end interior rug landscape through its unparalleled vision, expertise and selection of designer and contemporary products with both high artistic and environmental value.

An important part of cc-tapis‘ business is the manufacture of handmade and often custom-made carpets for the needs of architects and interior designers in the business or private sector, each of whom require truly personalised masterpieces for their clients.

Italian stars such as Ludovica + Roberto Palomba and Cristina Celestino and other more experimental designers, such as the British Faye Toogood and Martino Gamper, have created some of the most beautiful designer pieces cc-tapis have brought onto the market since their inception. Today, the cc-tapis design-lab (the brand’s eponymous laboratory) and other world-renowned designers such as Cassina’s art director, the Spanish Patricia Urquiola, the Belgian duo Muller Van Severen (Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen) and the Dutch Sabine Marcelis, collaborate with cc-tapis.

The colours and graphics of cc-tapis products are created in the cc-tapis workshops in the Himalayas. These factories on a human scale use no plastic and primarily materials that can be sourced locally. In 2015, the founders of cc-tapis even established a local association, called ‘cc-tapis for education’, which provides resources to educate the children of textile workers in Nepal.

Villas Decoration cc-tapis

Claudia Zalla | Ombra by Muller Van Severen

The challenge of an e-shop exclusively dedicated to high-end rugs

The worldwide recognition and distribution of cc-tapis in the most renowned stores and showrooms is matched by a production that takes its time and adapts. Since cc-tapis rugs are essentially handmade, with a price range and turnaround times that needed to be adapted to the world of e-commerce, a new type of product had to be developed by the brand, while remaining true to the DNA that has made it so successful over the last ten years: total creativity, uncompromising craftsmanship and high quality. Thus, by taking a good hard look at its sales model, cc-tapis has rethought its production of contemporary rugs so that it also has less impact on the environment, one aim being to sell only what is produced.

The development of a creative and immersive e-shop, but with a reduced ecological footprint on the product side, has thus become a central project for this internationally renowned Italian rug brand. In order to achieve large production runs without compromising the artisanal details that cc-tapis’ loyal customers have grown accustomed to, the Milanese firm has favoured an artisanal hand-weaving technique originating in India instead of the Tibetan hand-knotting technique that characterises the rugs in its main collection. This new signature coincides with the arrival of a new designer to work with the company: the Italian fashion designer Marco De Vincenzo. A first collaboration with the highly selective Italian fashion scene, whose spirit is close to that of this stylish brand.

Villas Decoration cc-tapis

Claudia Zalla

Villas Decoration cc-tapis

Claudia Zalla

The collection of fashion designer Marco De Vincenzo made in Italy exclusively for cc-tapis

The offbeat and luxurious world of the MDV Collection designed for any interior

An idiosyncratic world devised by Marco De Vincenzo trickles down through the entire MDV Collection. An exciting collection of fashionable and luxurious rugs made by cc-tapis in India in a responsible manner. By rethinking the typology of its unusually shaped products, by reconsidering its materials, which are processed and woven with the utmost care, such as the purest wool and silk, cc-tapis has generated this collection and established its accompanying online sales strategy. The combination of textiles, innovation, craftsmanship and fashion in this collection by Marco De Vincenzo for cc-tapis reflects the brand’s attraction to colours, patterns and shapes that defy convention in home furnishing and accessories.

A resolutely optimistic spirit and disco aesthetic, reminiscent of Italy’s historic utopian design movement, permeates this unprecedented collaboration, which respects and challenges the spirit of handcrafted experimentation that is so important to cc-tapis. With a playful and psychedelic style that nevertheless draws on the great Italian classics, the fashion Sicily-born Marco De Vincenzo applies to his products (shoes and bags) is immediately recognisable. The MDV Collection is designed to decorate all types of interiors, from small to very large spaces, with a touch of originality. As with Marco De Vincenzo’s best-selling products, these rugs with their all-purpose dimensions and geometric look offer a sense of chic and freedom of movement.

Villas Decoration cc-tapis

Gaia Bonanomi

The fruit of a meeting between Marco De Vincenzo and the cc-tapis team

Sicilian Marco De Vincenzo launched his own made-in-Italy brand in 2009 with the French luxury group LVMH, after working on leather goods with the Fendi fashion house in Rome. He recently created a collection for Marina Rinaldi, the Max Mara Group’s plus-size brand. A group that is as well known in the fashion world as it is in the art world since the creation of the Maramotti Foundation and its support for numerous contemporary artists.

The fruit of a meeting between this fashion designer, the founders of cc-tapis and the company’s art director, this quartet decided to produce a completely new type of rug together. The challenge they set themselves for the production of this rug hovering between fashion and design was to use lurex without limits. This metallic-coated polyester yarn with its seductive shiny appeal is a synthetic material that is rarely used in the rug-making world and is almost alien to traditional Indian weavers. The result of the experimentation: four carpet sizes, Small (S), Medium (M), Large (M) and Hallway, give the MDV Collection a unique originality that is guaranteed to bring a sense of elation to the most traditional and contemporary of interiors.