Exhibition: Beirut. The Eras of Design

A city at the crossroads of the East and the West, Beirut has been experiencing an excitement in all artistic fields since the early 2000s. The exhibition Beirut. The Eras of Design will be held at the CID, Centre d'Innovation et de Design in Grand-Hornu, from April 24 to August 14, 2002.

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VILLAS Decoration Beyrouth
© Caroline Dethier

14 Lebanese designers are presented in the Grand-Hornu: a message of hope, a commitment to the future.

The exhibition pays tribute to the evolution of art and craft design in a very chaotic context of civil war (1975 to 1990), political and economic dysfunction after the war, and the double explosion in the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020.

VILLAS Decoration Beyrouth

Caroline Dethier

Screen designed for the Alcazar Hotel (in 1959-amended in 2021) by Serge Sassouni. Materials: wood, bronze and iron.

VILLAS Decoration Beyrouth

Caroline Dethier

View of the exhibition in the first room of the CID. Yara -Maya-Zeina -Racha, turned brass objects; Studio Carlo Massoud 2010

The exhibition Beirut. The Eras of design will attempt to analyze this specific situation which simultaneously combines economic and architectural reconstruction, social awareness and international development. Design alone symbolizes this desire to take hold of its destiny and its image by proposing objects and forms that are aware of multiple heritages but also deeply rooted in a complex reality.

VILLAS Decoration Beyrouth

Inès Prioux de B

Gravitation, suspension 2018; Spokedesign. 600 sheets of Japanese paper “Washi”, stainless steel


In the early 2000s, the development of creative centers and the penchant for design resurfaced.

We count on young Lebanese designers who already have a good reputation such as Marc Baroud, Christian Zahr, Karim Chaya, Thomas Trad, Carla Baz…..

The beginning of 2010 will undoubtedly be the culmination of the positive dynamics for design in Lebanon; in 2017, the first fair, the Beirut Design Fair, dedicated to furniture and design objects, emerged.

The exhibition at the Grand-Hornu was set up in two of their beautiful halls as a shattered exhibition space reflecting the fragile context in which Lebanese designers live and work, and also evoking the historical and modern ruins still present in Beirut.

VILLAS Decoration Beyrouth

Nadim Asfar

Iquar, Coffee table, polished aluminum and mirror Karen Chekerdjian – 2003 | Very strong, powerful and symbolic object of the whole war period in Lebanon

VILLAS Decoration Beyrouth

Caroline Dethier

Eva, folding screen 2016 Thomas Trad. Wood, lacquer, stainless steel, brass, wicker | This object uses many different craft techniques and their natural beauty that strongly influenced the young designer Thomas Trad.

VILLAS Decoration Beyrouth

Marco Pinarelli

Minerals Low Table in Brescia Viola marble 2018 Carla Baz

Carla Baz graduated in interior architecture from the ESAG in Paris and in design from the ECAL in Lausanne.

She worked in London with Zaha Hadid and Vivienne Westwood, two renowned designers. At home, she collaborated with artisans by reinterpreting techniques to modernize them. Her works are sculptural and at the same time graceful and pure.

She received the Design Award in 2013 from the Boghossian Foundation (Brussels)

Each object has hidden qualities and possibilities for interaction. The designers try to conciliate their personal commitment and creativity with the mission of making a whole ecosystem of artisans and know-how work. The purpose is to help preserve heritage and show the political class their commitment to the present and, above all, to the future.