Maximalist suspensions: the art of audacity and excessiveness

Oversized, imposing and majestic, large size lights impose themselves in the four corners of our interiors, living rooms, dining rooms, living rooms... Their extraordinary dimensions occupy the space like no other and give an undeniable cachet. Both a source of lighting and sometimes a work of art, extra large pendant lights offer a spectacular rendering and a simply extravagant visual scenography.

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The evolution of extra large lighting in the design world

In the world of design, lighting fixtures have undergone great changes. At first considered as simple utility objects, they have become decorative objects with a real aesthetic interest. From the end of the 19th century onwards, chandeliers and hanging lamps were given ornaments and decorations of all kinds. With the invention of lighting technologies, the use of new materials and modern designs, a real lighting revolution started and integrated design into the heart of domestic lighting. Lighting for the home has also changed a great deal as styles and fashions have evolved. The large suspension has made a place for itself and some architects and designers have become passionate about these objects. They have marked their time with unique and sometimes even daring models. Let’s take a look at three leading maximalist luminaires:

VILLAS Décoration maximalist suspensions


Illuminate a living room or dining room with a maximalist centerpiece

Lighting fixtures contribute to the general atmosphere of a room, they set the tone and dress the space. It is essential to choose a model in agreement with the decoration for a harmonious and design whole. And all the more so if it is an oversized piece, since it will make a remarkable entrance with a significant visual impact.

Daring to go XXL does not necessarily mean adopting a heavy model. It is quite possible to go for an aerial centrepiece floating in the air in cotton voile or linen gauze. Ideal to integrate in the living room for a cosy atmosphere, the head in the clouds.

In order to ensure a refined and luxurious ensemble, designers are giving pride of place to brass, such as the Gobo Lights collection designed by Belgian designer Nicolas Brevers, graphic and sculptural suspensions. This noble material instantly illuminates the space with its magnificent reflections. As well as the famous 2097 chandelier line, created by the Italian designer Gino Sarfatti in 1958 and published by Flos. Sumptuous chandeliers of yesteryear that embody both modernity and tradition.

To give a museum look or a work of art effect to your designer dining room, you should opt for original models like the Illan suspension by Italian publisher Luceplan, designed by Danish Zsuzsanna Horvath in 2019. Consisting of a thin, flexible, and voluminous body, this suspension with natural colors is a decorative element in its own right. Just like the Kelp collection from Dutch publishing house Brand Van Egmond; true centrepieces, exuding luxury and originality. Glittering and dancing, they create a sensation from the ceiling. They are reminiscent of the cult paper chandeliers by German designer Ingo Maurer (Zettel’z 5, 1997) and the Japanese paper lamps by artist Isamu Noguchi published by Vitra.

VILLAS Décoration maximalist suspensions

Gobo Lights

Harmonious and intelligent lighting with domotics

Although the choice of lighting fixture is a matter of taste, the volume is still an important criterion to take into account. It is necessary to find the right balance to integrate a large model without cluttering the space. A beautiful suspension imposes its style in harmony with the other elements, furniture and decorations.

To accommodate a giant light fixture, the ceiling height must be high, otherwise it may cause a stifling effect. It is also preferable to place its masterpiece far enough from any imposing object. Finally, the room should not be too colourful. The suspension is spectacular, so it is enough on its own to dress up the space.

Another criterion not to be neglected: the use of LED or low-energy bulbs. They consume little energy and allow you to light a room while taking care of the planet. And that’s not all, since they offer excellent lighting quality as well as a soft and homogeneous rendering, sometimes neutral, sometimes warm white. In order to further optimize the energy efficiency of a house as well as to facilitate daily life, it is possible to opt for intelligent lighting thanks to home automation. These revolutionary luminaires are linked to a connected system that allows remote control of the lighting. Some are also equipped with a motion detector. An innovative technology with many advantages, including comfort and safety.

VILLAS Décoration maximalist suspensions

Gobo Lights

Exceptional suspensions to buy in Belgium

Belgium has a wide range of products to choose from when it comes to finding beautiful luminous nuggets in XXL format. Italian manufacturers such as Artemide are present in Belgium. As for designers, Thierry Vidé Design has two sales outlets in Brussels and Jodoigne. He creates and publishes sumptuous maximalist suspensions such as the Nuage, Galaxie and Florale models. Almost theatrical pieces in a contemporary style and a transparent design diffusing the light gently.

The Belgian artisanal manufacturer Art Maker presents more geometric models, but just as unique and spectacular, such as the Florentin in beech or the elegant oval Double Maxime in oak. Passionate and committed, Art Maker collaborates with the Royal Forestry Society of Belgium to preserve the forest. To find his creations, you have to go to Soumagne, in the province of Liège.

Located in Stavelot, the Light On concept store offers over 400 square metres of space for the biggest Italian and Belgian design lighting brands: Bel Lighting, Wever & Ducré… Everything you need to acquire XXL chandeliers and interior suspensions that are as beautiful as objects of art. In Antwerp and Brussels, head for Ace Light and L’autre Lumière, where other classics of contemporary lighting such as those of the Moooi brand await those in search of spectacular hanging lamps.