Outdoor Lounges: 6 Trends for Summer 2024

The ideal outdoor lounge? Seats and backrests, like large cushions, resting on lightweight structures in aluminum or stainless steel, with intuitive fastening systems to compose sofas and armchairs of different sizes, perfectly adapting to the dimensions of your space, and reconfigurable according to the occasion.

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The keyword of the season? Modularity, with seating systems that combine freely and allow drawing different compositions from just 3 elements, a single linear seat, a chaise lounge, and an armrest. Separable and demountable, the modules can group up to 11 pieces, with tables punctuating the seats and composing a friendly atoll of comfort and well-being. Near the beach or in the middle of the desert, the furniture adapts to all environments, especially those known for their extreme conditions by the sea. As for colors, inventive combinations offer typically Mediterranean shades of blues and greens, combined with copper, bursts of Sicilian lemon yellow, touches of Moroccan orange, red, white, or gray earth tones, khaki greens flirting with cacti and exotic or aromatic plants. Like a chameleon, the furniture blends into the environment.

POLIFORM, Crew et Azu, design Jean-Marie Massaud – poliform.it

Softness and generosity

Many indoor models, particularly created in the 1970s, are now available in outdoor versions, with updated materials and proportions. They blend with new creations to compose a more personalized ensemble, featuring higher backs and accentuated seat depths. Industrial style and epoxy-painted steel furniture are also making their way around the pool, reimagined in bright or pastel colors, with light tones that capture the light.

CASSINA, Esosoft, design Antonio Citterio. Cassina.be Photo : © Francesco Dolfo

CASSINA, Esosoft, design Antonio Citterio. Cassina.be Photo : © Francesco Dolfo

At the Gates of the Sahara or on the Riviera

Plush fillings, such as polyurethane containing a percentage of bio-based polyols and recycled PET wadding, are composed of materials from the circular economy. They are protected by water-repellent fabrics, preventing water from penetrating inside. Competing with the finest indoor upholstery textiles, these coatings develop sensual effects like leather without its drawbacks. Fabrics made of polypropylene and acrylic offer a cotton-like feel. They are now available in several categories, notably in the Batyline range. You can even create your own canvas by choosing the weave, color, warp and weft, and additional treatment (fireproofing) if necessary. Removable legs also facilitate furniture recycling at the end of life. Invisible element assemblies and discreet structures promote furniture integration into the landscape. Ultra-thin and sleek profiles with discreet aluminum tubes create extremely lightweight, streamlined silhouettes. Wood structures are also refined.

TRIBU, collection Suro, design Christophe Delcourt – tribu.com

TRIBU, Suro collection, design Christophe Delcourt – tribu.com

Simplicity of Forms

The open linear forms draw inspiration from the Japan chair designed by Danish designer Finn Juhl, who simplified the shapes by working without structures. 1, 2, and 3-seat configurations without armrests, accompanied by a corner piece, allow for expanding one’s resting space according to one’s desires. The tubular structure connects like a rail with aluminum joints. Alongside these exemplary geometrical constructions, one finds unique pieces such as circular sofas, foam-padded chaise lounges in Dryfeel foam and polyester fibers with ergonomic lines and organic shapes.

RODA, collection Estendo, design Luca Pevere – rodaonline.com

RODA, Estendo collection, design Luca Pevere – rodaonline.com

An oasis of freshness

Resting on a carpet that delineates a horizontal islet, the outdoor furniture embodies a concept of borderless living, influenced by the spirit of Scandinavian design. The incorporation of typical indoor furniture elements adds an intriguing twist. The lattice effects of the tables draw inspiration from the marine and nautical world. Elaborate weavings forming intertwined patterns, thickening at the base and apex, create transparency effects and play with light and shadow. The concrete table or its imitation material makes a notable appearance.

DEDON, collection Paros, design Jean-Marie Massaud – dedon.de

DEDON, Paros collection , design Jean-Marie Massaud – dedon.de

Innovative Materials

Among the most innovative materials, a unique embroidery of extruded polycarbonate, hand-modeled in the classic green color of natural glass, offers a textured and luminous play of solids and voids. A material that cleans simply with a water jet! Thick rope weavings carefully interlaced compose sophisticated patterns for the seat bases. Organic shapes, white, and ecru, protected by all-terrain textiles, also display their elegance outdoors, in connection with the indoor lounge space. The diversity of auxiliary furniture allows for a highly personalized space.

MANUTTI, Zendo Sense & Torsa, design Stéphane De Winter- manutti.com

Lunch and relaxation?

Easily transportable, the folding armchairs, reminiscent of cruise ships, rejuvenate the spirit of the deck chair. The PVC-extruded rope with a nylon core or a polypropylene core, inspired by nautical ropes, and the woven polyester rope also refer to the maritime world. The interplay of materials blends teak and iroko with table tops in ceramic, concrete, or beautiful imitations, available in a range of natural colors.

TALENTI, Panama, design Ludovica + Roberto Palomba – talentispa.com