A luxury design yacht by Minotti

If the most beautiful sofas and armchairs, coffee and dining tables and kitchens from the design furniture manufacturer Minotti are usually found in the most exclusive residences in cities all over the world, they are also at home in the yachting world. Its in-house creations and those of the internationally renowned designers it invites are selected by interior design experts to furnish the most beautiful yachts. Those who travel from the French Riviera to the lands of the Arab Emirates such as Abu Dhabi for private cruises where the art of living on water is exalted at every moment. This is not the first time the brand has done this. It has mastered the interior design of luxury boats. A field in which it is an expert, as in its numerous special projects of interior architecture and decoration of hotels and resorts of racy elegance. Visit on board a privileged ship of its collection: the Custom Line 106.

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Aesthetics and comfort without comparison applied to yachting

Seeking innovation in a classic and modern lifestyle

Excellence has been at the core of Minotti since being founded in 1948 by Alberto Minotti. A workshop of furniture craftsmen that has become a key player in the furniture industry since the 1960s and its development. Present in more than 64 countries through some forty showrooms, boutiques and retailers, such as Instore in Brussels for the Belgian market, the company is known worldwide as one of the best ambassadors of the Italian spirit and style of design. During the 2010s, many great designers, such as those present every year at the Salone del Mobile, have vowed to produce new models in full collaboration with the brand. Frenchman Christophe Delcourt, a collaborator of Yabu Pushelberg, Brazilian Marcio Kogan and his own interior design studio mk27, and Japan’s Nendo adhere to the “Minotti code”. This is a clear and precise fusion of tradition and innovation, ultra-modern technology and the intelligence of the hand in the partnership that the manufacturer effects between craft and industry.

One of the main roles of the brand is that played by the Minotti Studio: the name of Minotti’s creative department, the heart and soul of the company. In addition to tailor-made projects for the hotel industry, the Italian design company has created numerous private villas and flats in Switzerland, the United States, India and, of course, in Italy with Dordoni Architetti, the interior design studio of Italian designer Rodolfo Dordoni. A sure bet in Minotti’s catalogue and whose designs are also in the spotlight at Cassina.

The very expression of innovation made in Italy

33 metres of elegance, comfort and design, that’s what the Custom Line 106 is all about: a yacht decorated by the Minotti brand, from the sofa in the living room, to the fully open dining room, to the intimate bedrooms. The creations of designers Rodolfo Dordoni and Marcio Kogan are at the forefront.

The interior design of the boat is an initiative of the yacht interior designer Margherita Casprini for Minotti. In the living room on the main deck, the panoramic windows totally change your perception of space. It benefits from an uncluttered bulwark, allowing you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape.

Needless to say, yachting is an architectural challenge in which a sleek, contemporary style is best expressed. The interior design of the boat is characterised by a delicate formal balance and by furniture and upholstery which, thanks to their strong chromatic contrasts, highlight the different areas: living, dining and sleeping. There are five cabins in all (not including the crew cabins), such as the master room which has a balcony overlooking the sea. This room comprises an additional five square metres of space, which is quite exceptional for a yacht of this size. This suite is characterised by the strong personality of the many extras and accessories, including a large custom-made dressing room, as well as the few works of art that line the yacht’s interior.

VILLAS Decoration Yacht Minotti

Custom Line

Custom Line 106, figurehead of Italian engineering

A naval treasure in the wake of top-tier technology

The Custom Line 106 offers its guests the most sought-after luxury: peace and quiet. Its aim: to offer unforgettable transcontinental journeys but also profound serenity.

Life in a luxury hotel that moves with the swell of the water. The yacht measures exactly 32.82 metres long and 7.30 metres wide and has been designed to give passengers an unrivalled onboard experience. GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) hull, teak deck, a range of exotic leathers and woodwork in light and white shades: this dream boat modernises the traditional codes of yachting.

Decks and control cabin, lounges, dining room, galley and cabins, each with its own bathroom, create an ideal setting. On board, the ship’s designers wanted to create a smooth slow. Everything communicates with everything. This is made possible by the interweaving of the different spaces along the length of the yacht. Cruising in the Mediterranean in summer, she can be found off the Grenadine Islands in winter, with a cruising speed of 21 knots. On the programme: gentle regattas, leisure, dinners under the stars.

VILLAS Decoration Yacht Minotti

Custom Line

Industrial precision with sensitivity and emotion

Following in the footsteps of the Custom Line and Custom Line 120 private yachts, this new mega yacht from the Italian Ferretti Group surprises with its ability to combine state-of-the-art technology with a sleek silhouette. Designed and engineered by Milan-based architect Francesco Paszkowski, the Custom Line 106 has a tapered profile providing unusual interior volume. A particularly graceful line from stern to bow. This elegance is accentuated by the alternating materials between the (light) teak surfaces of the sun deck and the upper decks. The panoramic tinted windows ensure the comfort (and freshness) of the interior lounges while providing the necessary light to make them feel even more spacious.

VILLAS Decoration Yacht Minotti

Custom Line

Exceptional onboard comfort

Each cabin has its own Italian marble bathroom with shower and toilet. Not too much, nor too little. The style brought by Margherita Casprini preserves the perfect balance between ease and efficiency. An identity that also requires a lot of rigour. “Rather than talking about rigour, I prefer to talk about harmony, purity of line and the nobility of materials,” explained the decorator. Should we also mention that she wanted to avoid falling into too obvious nautical references by creating, inside, an atmosphere more aligned with “urban” than yachting? Thanks to its sophisticated design, the Custom Line 106 combines comfort, clever storage and speed in a refined manner. Cast off.