Bathrooms: spaces for relaxation and well-being

Neolith surfaces make it possible to create unique bathrooms of intense and serene beauty, promoting sensations and emotions that increase well-being and quality of life.

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VILLAS Decoration Neolith salle de bain
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Relaxation and well-being are the criteria that best define bathrooms in 2022. Spaces that concentrate the latest trends in design, lighting, materials and technology to create perfect spaces that open up personal hygiene to new aspects such as beauty and body care, relaxation and rest.

Bathrooms of all sizes are now the new centerpiece of the home. Spaces that follow the new trends in design and materials for well-being.

In this context, Neolith’s sintered stone surfaces represent a turning point, as they offer disruptive and functional solutions, regardless of the design chosen, because every bathroom is a world that defines the spirit and taste of its users.

Bathrooms today are multipurpose spaces, places where many sensory experiences can be had, promoting sensations and emotions that improve well-being and quality of life, and nurture the body and mind.

A goal where the concept “” represents a statement of principle that translates the purpose and character of Neolith and illustrates the different phases of people’s relationship with the brand’s products, from the most physical and experimental to the most evocative and emotional.


Aesthetics, versatility and functionality

Bathrooms are one of the most important spaces driving innovation in the home. Their design is based on advanced materials of the new generation, such as Neolith, which make it possible to carry out projects previously excluded.

Until recently, intensive use and protection from moisture and water vapor dictated the design of bathrooms to keep them in good condition and prevent deterioration.

VILLAS Decoration Neolith salle de bain


But Neolith completely changes this model and makes it possible to design and create dream bathrooms that remain in perfect condition throughout the years. Bathrooms that require virtually no maintenance, thanks to the unique properties of their sintered stone surfaces, which are unaffected by external substances, have no pores, are extremely hard, offer maximum hygiene and are easy to clean and maintain.

Moreover, thanks to the different sizes and thicknesses, the same material can be used throughout the bathroom, on floors and walls, as well as on sinks, shower trays and bathtubs, without the need for joints, which means maximum cleanliness and aesthetic uniformity, as it is even possible to cover entire walls in one room.


Reinventing the bathroom

The washbasins, shower trays and bathtubs designed with Neolith reinvent and develop their function, with a character of their own where the purity of the lines that integrate with the rest of the elements is emphasized thanks to the omission of joints, and maintain their new appearance for years. The result is a unique and harmonious framework, both functional and practical, combined with floors and walls in Neolith.


A safe and slip-free space

Neolith surfaces are waterproof and non-porous, making them ultra-hygienic and a natural choice for the bathroom, where cleanliness and safety (due to the dreaded slipping) are two essential requirements.

Thanks to Neolith Slip-No-More, a revolutionary anti-slip treatment, bathrooms become not only more beautiful, but also safer. This treatment can be applied to all Neolith surfaces, regardless of the model or finish chosen. In addition, Neolith offers textured surfaces, such as Riverwashed, which increase the friction of the bathroom floor, shower or bathtub, thus improving safety during use.

VILLAS Decoration Neolith salle de bain



Neolith sintered stone, its textures, designs and colors set new trends in bathroom design and open up new, previously unimaginable possibilities. They offer beauty, versatility, comfort and well-being in everyday life and always look new.

Surfaces inspired by the natural elements such as marble, stone, metals and wood, or monochromatic surfaces that range from pure white to deep black. A complete range with veined patterns, discreet colors that create harmony, the warmth and well-being of wood or the metallic effects of the latest technologies that bring a bold, powerful and unchanging beauty. An increasingly rich collection that combines the latest trends with timeless models.

VILLAS Decoration Neolith salle de bain


Natural areas for living

2022 is the year of reunion, of enjoying again, from the simplest to the most extraordinary, of returning to emotional balance, and Neolith surfaces help create spaces designed to be lived in and used. Nothing would make sense without the human presence, the one we see, the one we feel, the one that leaves traces…. and the one who reminds us that these spaces are inhabited.


Always respecting the planet

Neolith is a revolutionary, 100% natural and innovative surface that now features the new, even more sustainable 90R formula, which identifies models that incorporate up to 90% recycled raw materials into the composition, up from 48% today.

The new formula has Neolith’s warranty and quality labels and has an advanced design while maintaining its excellent technical properties. Moreover, the entire production process is highly efficient and takes place in a carbon-neutral environment.