Exclusive wallpaper that elevates the contemporary interior

Now that less is more is slowly making way for more lavish interior styles, wallpaper has been making a heady comeback. In timeless and minimal interiors especially, a well-chosen wall covering can give a room a little more panache, without looking all too excessive.

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A wide range of designs and possibilities

Exceptional wallpaper has the power to give a room more character and lift an interior to a higher level. Where paints are mostly limited to varying colour and texture, wallpaper offers many more options for personalizing your walls. Various brands work with natural materials and fabrics, with which you can give the walls a compelling relief. Those who are enchanted by an artistic touch in the home are in luck. Today there are many types of wallpaper on offer decorated with abstract or geometric motifs that easily create an artsy ambiance in any interior style.

Brand new ways of decorating interiors

Nowadays interior designers choose to integrate wall coverings in a different way than before. Where in the past one often decided to paper every wall when decorating a room, nowadays people opt to decorate one specific wall or part of a wall with wallpaper. This way, the selected mural is transformed into a real eye-catcher. In addition, wallpaper can also be used to separate an open space that has a multimodal use, such as a living room and adjacent open kitchen, in a subtle yet clear way.

VILLAS Decoration Exclusive wallpaper

Saro | Tenue de ville

Chic and contemporary patterns and materials

When one thinks of wallpaper, the fear can arise that this type of wall covering will dominate the room. Nevertheless, it can also provide a living space with the finishing touch it needs, even when an interior aspires to a rather serene and timeless style. If this is the case, it is important to select colours, patterns and materials that blend in harmoniously with other interior elements. If you opt for motifs or patterns as an eye-catcher, make sure that you choose a neutral colour palette that matches the furniture and the flooring. Another present-day option is the use of natural materials such as linen, paper fiber or even leather, which come into their own beautifully in a contemporary home.

Arte International: wall coverings proudly made in Belgium

The Belgian brand Arte International is known for its elegant and timeless designs. A clear example is the new l’Invité collection, which is inspired by the purity of neoclassicism and is available in a range of calm neutrals. On the other hand, Arte’s Costura line takes its inspiration from an artisanal angle and uses textiles as its starting point. All designs are created by needle and thread, such as the Bojagi wallpaper, which is the result of a traditional Korean sewing technique. The geometric shapes create an irregular patchwork with an open linen look, where the ton-sur-ton colour palette provides a tranquil feel. The Manchas wallpaper uses brush stains that create a contemporary and realistic paint effect, while the diagonal lines are reminiscent of denim and textile. Together, these two effects create an intriguing structure in an understated and elegant way.

VILLAS Decoration Exclusive wallpaper

Arte Bojagi

An exclusive collaboration between Arte know-how and Moooi design

Arte has successfully collaborated with interior and lifestyle brand Moooi, which resulted in remarkable wallpaper collections that are based on extinct animals and the mysterious allure of the ancient Japanese culture. Fascinating extinct fauna once again influences their current partnership for 2022. The wallpaper Mimic Moth is a 3D wall covering in a soft suede look, with a design consisting of relief prints of precious moths, while the Queen Cobra wallpaper is made of hand-woven sisal fibres.

Tenue de Ville: an approach based on proximity and sustainability

Belgian designer Alexia de Ville founded this brand in 2014, and highly values a local and ecological approach. Her exclusive, hand-drawn wallpapers are both designed and produced in Belgium. The timeless style of this tasteful brand harmonises beautifully with sober, stylish interiors that radiate class. Alexia is inspired by idealized landscapes, childhood memories and abstract daydreams and incorporates these themes in her creations. Each of the designs is executed in ethereal shades that appeal to the imagination. The Ruth wallpaper from the Poème collection, for example, is characterized by its fragile ivory tones. Hertog plays with poetic shades of soft pink and deep green, whereas the monochrome and abstract Cue elevates a contemporary and sleek interior.

VILLAS Decoration Exclusive wallpaper

Ruth | Tenue de ville

VILLAS Decoration Exclusive wallpaper

Hertog | Tenue de ville

Ressource: a classic French label

This high-quality French brand can rely on extensive experience in working with colour, as it was founded in 1946 to mine ochre in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of Provence. The family business, which also produces extraordinary paints, insists on a sustainable way of working and therefore has no stock, but chooses to colour paint according to demand to avoid unnecessary waste. Their recent wallpaper collections Desert Solaire and Rivage Lunaire make use of contemporary organic shapes and earthy colours borrowed from the world of architecture and nature and transform any wall into a contemporary abstract painting.