Home automation equipment for a smart home

Controlling your home from an application is possible! Home automation is a true social phenomenon, driven by connected objects, and is becoming more and more widespread in our homes. Thanks to the intelligent devices of the "new generation", home automation significantly improves our quality of life on many levels: optimal comfort, increased security and energy savings. All this offers real added value to the home. Focus on innovative home automation devices for an efficient and ergonomic home: smart home.

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Smart locks and high-quality security systems

Electronically opening and locking the doors of your home from your smartphone: an innovative and promising system to secure your home. Smart locks are equipped with a mechanism that allows the key to be turned remotely via an app or a Bluetooth connection: an effective security system. At Siedle, a whole range of devices replace the traditional key: A digital code, a fingerprint reader, an electronic key, etc.

For optimum control of the entry threshold, there is also the connected intercom. This device activates a phone call to a smartphone to see the visitors and give permission to open the entrance door. On some door communication devices, such as the KNX, a welcome message can be customized. Siedle, on the other hand, offers easy installation of their modern IQ intercoms.

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Finally, to protect the home, a new system has been added: the sound sensor. It can detect the slightest noise, such as the sound of breaking glass, thus guaranteeing security and alerting the owner to attempted break-ins.

These control applications not only provide better protection, but also guarantee ease of use as they can be easily managed from a smartphone.

Innovative home automation devices for a 100% connected home

Home automation is a solution to automate daily tasks and simplify life. The house is transformed into a connected home, effectively intelligent, thanks to various technologies.

With a single click on the smartphone or tablet, the connected shutters or blinds can be opened and closed. The device can also be set according to the weather or times of day. The same applies to heating, air conditioning and lighting, which can be turned on/off on command and controlled via an app. In KNX, the lighting system has other functions such as a motion sensor to prevent energy waste or the ability to create moods by adjusting color and intensity.

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Home automation extends into the garden with an intelligent outdoor watering system. The system determines the area and amount of water needed for each type of plant.

Wherever you are, it is now easy to control your home in real time.

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Connected devices for health and wellness

The field of health and wellness is also benefiting from smart technology. These sectors are booming with many connected objects that can meet specific needs. Thanks to home automation, the connected home really takes care of us.

To this end, the bedroom is equipped with a 2.0 bedding. Equipped with a sensor, the connected bed analyzes the state of health during sleep: insomnia, quality and sleep apnea… Some even offer the possibility of creating a bedtime routine with muted lighting and soft music. In the bathroom, the connected mirror also plays music and offers a heated anti-fog coating and an LED system that can be adjusted according to use.

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Last but not least, the connected watch and scale reveal data about our physical condition. The scale analyzes our body composition. The watch monitors our shape, balance, breathing and heart rate. Ingenious, powerful devices for regular health monitoring.

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Fitbit Aria air balance

Ecological solutions thanks to home automation

Home automation not only makes our lives easier, but also offers ecological solutions. Indeed, connected objects such as blinds, heating or lighting allow you to reduce your energy consumption.

Some equipment is even designed to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. For a green and ergonomic home, it is necessary to get a connected electrical panel. Each electrical circuit can be controlled from the smartphone through a simplified interface: a way to optimize energy consumption and costs.

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In the same sense, the smart thermostat makes it possible to manage and control the temperature in the house. Programmable thermostats can be set and adjusted as needed during the absence of an application. A real energy saver, but also a gesture for the planet.

Finally, to reduce waste, home automation also has the solution: the connected trash can. There is no longer a need to sort waste, the bin uses sensors to sort it itself. It then compresses it to maximize space. A truly revolutionary object that will be marketed in Europe in the next few years.