Luxury home fragrances: interior scents that make a difference

Scents play an important role in creating and evoking memories. Christmas with family, dinners with friends and cosy Sundays with the family: the best memories are made at home. The right home fragrance can help reinforce them and make the cosiness last for a long time. After all, an interior scent not only creates atmosphere but can also influence mood. The same care with which you select interior objects, however, applies to choosing a fragrance for your home.

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When it comes to home perfume, there are countless options. Think: scented candles, scented sticks and cream sprays but also essential oils and incense. Each diffuses their aroma in a different way. When it comes to scent, the options are also endless. So you can opt for aromatic or oriental fragrances, woody, floral or citrus scents.

Our selection of home fragrances for a wonderfully scented interior

Cyrnos room spray by Cire Trudon: the scent of many years of craftsmanship

The luxurious Cire Trudon was founded in France in 1643 and is just about the oldest candle maker in the world. The brand is known for its strong, evocative and layered fragrances. In recent decades, it grew to become one of the most prestigious manufacturers of interior perfumes.

VILLAS Decoration parfums et sprays d'intérieur


The name ‘Cyrnos’ refers to the villa of the same name on the Côte d’Azur that was a meeting place for flamboyant high society during the belle époque. The villa was surrounded by gardens full of fragrant lavender. Royalty, poets and artists met there in the shade of fig and pine trees. Villa Cyrnos was the inspiration for this interior fragrance brimming with natural notes.

De Cyrnos roomspray is verkrijgbaar bij Senteurs d’Ailleurs.

Insieme by Acqua Di Parma: embodiment of Italian ‘dolce vita’

Baron Carlo Magnani of Parma developed Acqua di Parma in 1916 as his own personal cologne. More than 100 years later, the brand is still a symbol of Italian luxury and craftsmanship.

VILLAS Decoration parfums et sprays d'intérieur

Acqua di Parma

‘Insieme’ or ‘together’ represents the reunion of loved ones in a cheerful and airy atmosphere. The light and soothing scent full of affection contains bright notes of lemon combined with neroli and musk, enveloped by an amber accord for an incomparable feeling of warmth.

The Insieme diffuser is available online at Acqua di Parma‘s webshop.


Totem Tanjung by Baobab: woody home fragrance

Belgian company Baobab is renowned for its olfactory yet aesthetic interior fragrances. It draws inspiration from African countries for the creation of its interior fragrances. To create their interior fragrances, the brand collaborates with master perfumers from Grasse.

VILLAS Decoration parfums et sprays d'intérieur


Besides the large candles with multiple wicks, Baobab also has a wide range of refillable perfume diffusers with fragrance sticks. These include the Totem Tanjung, in large opal glass bottles decorated with subtle, earthy colours. The woody house perfume contains notes of cedar, Guaiac wood and galbanum

The Totem Tanjung diffuser is available online at Baobab’s webshop.


Marie-Stella-Maris No. 12 Objets d’Amsterdam: refreshing spray  

With a Marie-Stella-Maris home perfume, you make not only an aesthetic but also a sustainable choice. After all, the timeless, high-quality packaging lasts a long time and can be refilled endlessly. In addition, the brand structurally donates part of their sales to clean drinking water projects.

VILLAS Decoration parfums et sprays d'intérieur


Dutch company Marie-Stella-Maris is creating a furore with interior fragrances that feature carefully chosen contrasting scent tones. And No. 12 Objets d’Amsterdam is no exception. With its sparkling notes of bergamot and green tea, the brand’s most iconic fragrance refers to the free-spirited, no-nonsense mentality of the city to which it lends its name. Musk and amber balance it out and provide the necessary, albeit subtle, warmth.

The No. 12 Objets d’Amsterdam home perfume is available at


Electric diffuser by Diptyque: technological and olfactory masterpiece

Originating in Paris – on Boulevard Saint Germain to be precise – the iconic Diptique is an established name when it comes to home fragrance. What began with decorative scented candles, bearing the now renowned names ‘Baies’, ‘Figuier’ and ‘Feu de Bois’, grew into a veritable fragrance empire without equal.

VILLAS Decoration parfums et sprays d'intérieur


In recent years, the brand has increasingly specialised in fragrance diffusers with cutting-edge technology such as the electric diffuser: an aesthetic yet durable object. This uses the air as a vector for perfume to diffuse the notes of nine emblematic Diptique fragrances.

The electric diffuser is available online at Diptyque’s webshop.