Furnish your home office in a stylish and efficient manner

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our professional lives have changed dramatically. Now that we are regularly obliged to work from home, we notice the many advantages. It is therefore not surprising that working from a home office will increasingly become the norm in the future. We give you some useful tips to make your home office a productive but also pleasant and tasteful addition to your home.

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The right colours boost concentration and productivity

Psychology teaches us that colour has an influence on our mood that should not be underestimated. You should take this into account when decorating your home office. Walls in light and neutral shades are recommended, as they help to stay alert. Serene shades of blue and green help create a calm atmosphere and reduce stress. Bright colours such as red, yellow or orange are best avoided because they make our minds restless. If you do opt for a striking colour as an accent wall, take the wall behind you when you are at work.


Stylish designer brands of office furniture from Belgium and abroad

Nowadays, office tables and chairs come in all possible flavours and designs, allowing you to easily integrate your office furniture into your interior. The Dutch brand Van Rossum is characterised by its stylish and contemporary, high-quality furniture. Since 1978, Van Rossum has been designing and making by hand sustainable furniture in the company’s workshop in the Netherlands. The collection now includes all the models of the Wildspirit belgian brand.

VILLAS Decoration home office

Van Rossum | Kitale bookcase or shelving unit, Xavier Dohr

On his side, Belgian Bulo boasts collaborations with world-famous interior architects and designers such as Vincent Van Duysen and Alain Berteau.

The Swiss company Vitra brings out numerous iconic chairs for the office that immediately give your workspace a design upgrade, such as the Lobby Chair and the Aluminium Chair by Charles & Ray Eames, in production since the sixties, or the 04 by Maarten Van Severen, created in the year 2000.

VILLAS Decoration home office

Bulo/Tijs Vervecken | TAB Chair on sledge base, Alain Berteau

VILLAS Decoration home office

Bulo/Tijs Vervecken | VVD Chaise Slim, Vincent Van Duysen

The famous Italian company Cassina is launching Cassina Pro. A new furniture collection especially for the hospitality sector and the workplace, consisting of a selection of design icons, including two tables by the celebrated French designer Charlotte Perriand, supplemented by five new designs.

Unifor, which has been producing tasteful office furniture since 1969, also offers a wide range of meeting and work tables, chairs, storage solutions and wall dividers that will take your home office to a higher level.

VILLAS Decoration home office

Cassina Pro | Cab 412 chair, Mario Bellini

Storage in style reduces chaos and unnecessary distractions

As in the office, it is very important that your home office radiates calmness, so that you can concentrate as best as possible. Distractions in the form of paperwork and loose office supplies can easily be avoided with a handy storage system where you can quickly put everything away. Cupboards with closed doors give a tidy feeling and a drawer unit within easy reach is also a must for storing writing materials, post-its and staplers.

The Belgian brand Kewlox is known for its modular and flexible storage furniture, cabinets and desks that can be personalised in terms of height, size, colour and finish. Moreover, they can be assembled easily without tools.

Swiss USM, available in Belgium at RR Interieur among others, also produces modular furniture. In addition, this brand has flexible walls that can also be used to demarcate a small workplace in smaller homes.

VILLAS Decoration home office

Kewlox | MDF Yellow cabinet

Ergonomic furniture is a must for a home office

If you mainly work in a seated position, an ergonomic workplace is crucial in order to avoid numerous health complaints. As far as the desk is concerned, a width of at least 150 cm and a height of 70 to 75 cm is recommended for optimal working comfort. The depth is also important, there must be enough space for a laptop or a fixed computer and for writing.


Pretty and handy desk accessories to complete

If you usually work on your laptop, a laptop stand is a real asset. This way, you do not have to look down when you are working, which is not only more pleasant if you are working for a long time, but also less stressful for your neck. Design accessories that are both stylish and useful should also not be missing, such as the desk pad from Le Feuillet in collaboration with French design brand Ligne Roset. This gadget in high-quality calfskin organises your workspace in a comfortable way, thanks to an adaptable cable grommet with multiple inlets and outlets.

VILLAS Decoration home office

Le Feuillet x Ligne Roset | Temoto

Provide sufficient natural light and appropriate lighting

The importance of lighting is often underestimated when setting up a home office. Choose a space with as much natural light as possible, complemented by good general lighting and functional lighting in the form of a desk lamp. Design gems such as the Tizio or the Tolomeo by Artemide are not only useful, but also add style to your workplace.

Finally, place your desk so that no sunlight can fall on the screen and the sun cannot shine into your eyes. Semi-transparent curtains or blinds that allow you to control the light can be a good help. If your home office is located in a room that is modest in size, a large mirror can provide the necessary depth and create an open feeling.


Why not enjoy the peace and quiet of nature in a garden office?

 Your home office does not necessarily have to be in your home. If you have a garden, you have the opportunity to work in the middle of the greenery. Everyone knows by now the healing influence of nature and the positive effect this has on our productivity and stress levels. Therefore, when choosing the right place for your home office, be sure to consider your garden.

In Belgium, several quality brands specialise in constructing a garden office to suit all your needs. At Amani Spaces, the emphasis is on versatility and design, without sacrificing comfort. The modular formula allows you to design a fully customised office. Systimber offers wooden garden offices that are quick and easy to install, either by yourself or by a professional construction team, using an innovative joining technique.

VILLAS Decoration home office

Systimber | Tuinkantoren