Luxurious Italian baths that take bathrooms to the next level

A stylish bathroom equipped with all modern comfort is the ideal remedy for the hectic pace of our daily life, which makes us long for a feeling of relaxation and security.

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A sense of refuge

In the past years we have all realized the importance of a home environment that is fully adapted to our contemporary demands and is also wholly in tune with our personal style. The macro trend of cocooning and relaxing at home has been boosted further by the gargantuan impact of the corona pandemic. No room conjures more visions of a save haven of wellness and tranquillity than the bathroom, and more specifically, our bathtub. Here we can completely withdraw form the outside world and relax in a lovely warm bath. So it comes as no surprise that the importance of a bathtub has become increasingly recognized. And who knows better to design a sumptuous bathtub than high-end Italian brands, the masters of good taste? That is why we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the current trends in Italian luxury bathtubs.

Ethereal transparency

Now that the dark cloud of the covid-crisis has finally been lifted, we are all in desperate need of lightness and transparency. A need that the renowned Italian label Antonio Lupi fulfils with their award-winning Borghi collection, which took home the Best Bathroom Prize prize from the Elle Deco International Design Awards in 2021. The collection was designed by Gumdesign and stands out because of its pure geometry and balanced proportions. The special Cristalmood material, a partly transparent resin with a sparkling finish, gives the elegant washbasins and bathtub an ethereal allure.

VILLAS Decoration Italian luxury baths

Antonio Lupi | Borghi

Earthy colour palette

Sterile, bright white bathrooms have since long been a thing of the past, and colour is playing an increasingly important role in the bathroom. But we’re not talking about harsh colours that antagonize us and make us feel agitated. Today’s trend colours mainly consist of warm and earthy shades, that give us a feeling of protection and remind us of the many soothing colours that can be found in nature. Think of the natural hues of loam, basalt and ochre or intense colours such as the deep wine red ‘moscato’ by Antonio Lupi, one of the most eye-catching colours of the year.

Curvaceous shapes

Angular designs have also become obsolete in 2021. Whether we are talking about tables, sinks or bathtubs, square or rectangular designs look dated, while wavy lines and rounded corners are ubiquitous. A prime example of this trend is the unusual DR bathtub from Agape, with its asymmetrical round shape reminiscent of a natural pool. The freestanding Alone bathtub from Neutra, which is handcrafted from a single block of stone and is 100% Italian made, is also characterized by its inviting curves that radiate an alluring softness.

Back to the Stone Age

If there is one raw material that particulary stands out today, it has to be a strikingly beautiful piece of marble. Dramatic stones make an unmistakable statement in any room and are therefore the material of choice to apply in a chic bathroom in 2021. A sublime example of the impact that a well-chosen marble can have is the Balnea collection by Salvatori, which was awarded at the Salone Del Mobile last year. This solid, freestanding bathtub is available in both classic white Carrara marble and the more intense Gris du Marais, an elegantly mottled grey-brown variety. Boffi also has an attractive anthracite gray bathtub in their collection, the Fisher Island Stone, which was designed by Piero Lissoni and was inspired by the exclusive island from which the design lends its name. An added bonus to a marble bathtub is that each piece is unique, just as no stone looks exactly the same.

VILLAS Decoration Italian luxury baths

Salvatori Balnea

Tactile materials

Softness has not only become important in choice of colour but also in terms of materials. Today we long for soft and familiar materials, such as velour, wood, leather and natural stone. And it’s no different in the bathroom. Therefore Antonio Lupi developed the new and patented Colormood resin, which has a velvet touch, creating a 360° sensory experience. Their perfectly oval bathtub Reflexmood can now also be made in this tactile material, that is available in a wide range of colours.

A sustainable and innovative vision

Last but not least, the trend that cannot be overlooked is sustainability. Today, sustainability has become an integral part of our daily lives, and that also applies to our bathrooms. High-tech bathroom products and furniture reflect the demand for designs that save energy and water and at the same time increase our personal well-being. A successful example of sustainability is the Lancetta bathtub from Falper, which knows how to make ecology look refined. The elegant design is inspired by a leaf and is made from Cristalplant biobased, which is a high-tech plant material.