Luxury carpets: the signature of successful decoration

No more boring, shapeless, soulless carpets: thanks to great designers and creators, carpets are reimagined and become true works of art in themselves. With their new structure, colored, and with abstract or figurative motifs.... the new luxury carpets have become the signature of successful decoration.

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VILLAS Decoration Tapis de luxe
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Luxury carpets: a combination of modernity and tradition

Top quality carpets are as much about the work of the craftsman as the work of the designer. In their search for motifs, materials and fabrics, designers create ever more modern pieces without compromising on traditional craftsmanship. A combination that gives the rugs great value. They meet the highest standards of quality and display and become works of art with a unique character. Indeed, each model reveals its differences and its small imperfections, the surprise of the hand effect. The irregularities tell a story and contain an additional soul, that of the weaver and his ancestral know-how. The designer’s line immerses us in the depth of gouache flat tones and the gradations of hues with dimensional effects.

When art and craftsmanship meet, the charm works and the rugs reveal themselves. At Studio Thibault Van Renne, you will discover the art of subtle color combinations to create unique rugs. They elevate contemporary carpet design to an art form and their creations are true “haute couture” carpets.

VILLAS Decoration Tapis de luxe

Thibault Van Renne

Luxury rugs are not only aesthetic, they are also functional. They not only complete the decoration, but also create a warm and cozy atmosphere in our homes, especially in the living room. At the foot of a luxurious bed, they welcome us into a soft atmosphere. They can also be used to separate different living spaces, to accentuate furniture or to fill the room with style. Elsen and Son, whose creations are infinitely variable in noble and natural materials, uses certain unique and patented fibers for washable finishes and/or for outdoor use. Rugs are much more than a decorative accessory, they are true design and practical elements: a must-have for contemporary interiors.

VILLAS Decoration Tapis de luxe

Elsen and Son

Various knots and noble materials

Knotted, woven, tufted…. There are many methods of making a rug. These operations, carried out by experienced craftsmen, require several months of work. Depending on the motif, the density and the desired effects (speckled, tweed, embroidered, woven), the knotting techniques vary: symmetrical, asymmetrical, Tibetan, Persian…

Hand-knotted carpets, a guarantee of quality, are durable and resistant. It can therefore be passed from generation to generation like a family heirloom. This is the technique chosen by Van Caster. This Belgian publisher of contemporary rugs stands for a personalized approach and designs modern and luxurious pieces.

VILLAS Decoration Tapis de luxe

Van Caster.

The material is just as important as the knotting. The carpet should be comfortable to the touch. Several options are available:

  • Plant materials, linen or silk are light and comfortable, ideal for adding a touch of elegance to a living space.
  • Animal materials, cotton and wool are soft and warm, a safe choice for an authentic and cozy interior.

Each requires specific knotting and weaving to obtain textures that are more or less dense and thick. Jov, a renowned brand in the production of rugs, carefully selects its fabrics (cotton, wool, merino, mohair and linen) and is committed to producing trendy pieces of high quality.

VILLAS Decoration Tapis de luxe


A rug with a bold design that reveals rich vibrations

Contemporary, graphic, artistic, classic, the carpet is a real chameleon. There is something for every taste and style. Because it is essential to coordinate this element with the interior design for a harmonious result. In addition, a luxury carpet is a long-term investment and can make a difference in a room, the choice of design is then important.

To bring a touch of originality, designers propose strong, colorful and dynamic pieces, a design elaborated as a pictorial composition: intense shades, contrasting effects and pale tones. This is the case with the textured models of Osta Carpets or the bright pieces of Fearless Living and Agate Low by Limited Edition.

VILLAS Decoration Tapis de luxe

Limited Edition

For more soberness, Kasthall presents its hand-woven and hand-tufted rugs in patterns and geometry. Some of these rugs were created in collaboration with renowned designers, such as Positive & Negative Rug (by Swedish designer Björn Dahlström): we fall for this model that reveals the feelings of the rug.

VILLAS Decoration luxe tapijten


Codimat Collection pushes the boundaries of customization so that the design of each floor expresses the personality of those who design it, and redefines the decorative art of flooring by weaving on its looms the designs that architects and decorators around the world have come up with.

VILLAS Decoration luxe tapijten


VILLAS Decoration Tapis de luxe


While some designers focus on combining tradition and modernity, others also strive for ecology. Such is the approach of Delphine Cobbaert and her carpets made from natural raw materials. The Belgian textile designer uses her creations to cover our floors, but also our walls.

VILLAS Decoration luxe tapijten

Delphine Cobbaert

A great trend inspired by ethnic wall hangings and tapestries, also seen at cc-tapis and its bird model Feathers Round or the collection of cylinders Rotazioni A by designer Patricia Urquiola. On the wall, on the floor, in our interiors, and even outside, in the company of our garden furniture, top quality rugs give rhythm to our living spaces and perfect the decoration.

VILLAS Decoration luxe tapijten