Peggy Bauwens, space designer

When it comes to home decoration, Peggy Bauwens can draw on the length and breadth of her experience to express her skills as an interior architect, decorator and designer.

Traduction | VILLAS
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Her preliminary designs tell a visual story, develop imaginary scenarios that skilfully guide the transition from idea to reality. Her unmistakeable stamp is the symbiosis she creates between discreet elegance and subtle refinement, producing personalised spaces where the luxury is read between the lines.

She thrives on taking on the overall management of premium property development projects, working with renowned suppliers and craftsmen such as the stone-cutter Colson and Porto-based AMR Pure Furniture.  Her work takes her beyond the borders of Belgium for commissions by professional and private customers. Her eponymous Boo Edition collection also provides an outlet for her own creative juices to flow. But what makes her style so inimitable? She marries together influences to shape interiors with strong identities, spaces with a soul where only creative excellence counts. Her background as a talented self-taught designer has been instrumental as her method has matured. She cultivates difference but starts with a meticulous analysis of the space, visible in the attention to detail and exceptional quality of execution. In addition to her craft, she is also a consummate vintage treasure hunter, unearthing unique pieces that add a timeless dimension to her creations. This 145 m2 turnkey apartment (see photos), entrusted to the contractor L’ Aurore Project is a case in point. There is no mistaking the elegance of the graphic details, the choice of materials and the common thread of the colour black, the only demand made by her client, Mr Cops, echoing his building, a showcase of 1930s architecture. Peggy Bauwens also works together with hotels, carrying out creative studies and designs. Her input as artistic director of the Beau Site Talloires hotel on Lake Annecy perfectly illustrates her style.