Stoves, inserts, fireplaces: the stars of winter

Winter is coming. A return to those cocooning and relaxing days around a blazing fire. Gazing into its flames, listening to the crackling logs, taking in its smell or its enveloping warmth… all our senses are awakened. The fire becomes a spectacle in its own right through an open or closed hearth. In our homes, it reigns supreme and warms up the decor in style: a real work of art that ignites passions. Stoves, inserts, fireplaces: a focus on these majestic fireplaces and on the talented Belgian designers, renowned for their expertise.

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© STÛV model 6-H

Modern fireplaces for a cosy and stylish winter

The new generation of fireplaces can offer us the promise of a warm and cosy winter without skimping on style. They make an undeniably charming addition to interiors while combining performance and elegance. Stoves, inserts and fireplaces are the three essential products that are emerging among contemporary heating appliances. Each one meets a specific use or need with your criteria determining which model best suits your requirements: top-up or main heating, efficiency, configuration of the home, type of fuel or style.

Timeless and sophisticated, the fireplace (wood, gas or bioethanol) allows you to enjoy the magical “sound and light” experience of a beautiful blaze. It has a romantic and convivial character while at the same time warming the atmosphere. Its traditional charm is appealing, but it is less efficient than a closed fire and cannot be considered a fully-fledged heating method.

Stoves and inserts are popular due to the gentle heat that is exuded over time, and higher efficiency. They also offer a certain degree of freedom and autonomy in terms of energy. In the past, closed fireplaces were limited to a purely functional role. Nowadays, manufacturers have turned their sights to equipment that is not only efficient but also aesthetic. The appliances are better adapted to different interiors thanks to a selection of modern and designer models.

The wood-burning insert can only be used with a chimney to evacuate the smoke. The stove takes up less space and is even more economical, as it requires little fuel to heat. Fuelled by wood or sometimes pellets, it is also easier to use and more environmentally-friendly.

In terms of design, the choice will not be any easier. Suspended, wall-mounted, swivel, floor-standing, built-in, steel, cast iron, stone, different options are available depending on what you’re looking for.

To top-up the heat generated by these appliances, several radiators can be installed in different rooms. Long considered as unsightly, they now blend into the decor by taking on a designer look of their own. The main architect of this revival is the Italian brand Tubes with its resolutely contemporary style.

The flamboyant selection of top-of-the-range stoves, inserts and fireplaces

Clean lines, noble materials and custom-made fittings compete for the limelight in this selection of the most beautiful modern fireplaces and stoves.

De Puydt Haarden, the reputed Belgian open fireplace designer, and Metalfire, focus on models with a growing number of technical and ingenious advances: an expertise passed on from generation to generation. Glenn Sestig, the artistic director of the De Puydt brand with its minimal and chic style, is ahead of the trends. He offers a surprising combination of innovative materials and monumental volumes. The architecture of the fireplaces and inserts takes customisation to an unprecedented level.

Two of the most remarkable creations:

  • Evergem: a refined black steel fireplace. This model combines aesthetics and functionality. A vertical slatted structure amplifies the convection heat and a lattice lift door acts as a spark arrestor.
  • Sint-Genesius-Rode: a three-sided gas fireplace with a designer look. This natural stone fireplace forms a connecting element between two rooms and thus offers a large view of the flames. It has a ribbed cast iron finish and is protected by a braided gauze screen.

To discover the collections, do not hesitate to visit the showroom in Knokke in the province of West Flanders.

VILLAS Decoration Stoves, inserts, fireplaces

Nathalie De Boel | De Puyt Haarden

VILLAS Decoration Stoves, inserts, fireplaces

Cafeine | Metalfire

Hygge Flames, a Belgian manufacturer, also attaches a great deal of importance to intelligent and sustainable design. Specialising in 3D holographic fireplaces, it offers smart electric models that give the illusion of realistic flames. A more ecological alternative to the traditional fireplace that is just as efficient and without the constraints (no air intake, gas pipes, combustion, etc.). These features have earned it a prestigious reputation in Belgium and internationally. Hygge Flames is also the only brand present at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The designer offers free-standing fireplaces such as the Hygge Faroe, an intelligent virtual model on a stand, as well as built-in fireplaces such as the Hygge 100, an elegant, easy-to-install electric range.

VILLAS Decoration Stoves, inserts, fireplaces

Hygge flames

Stûv, a well-known Belgian brand, is often a first port of call for architects and interior designers. The Roulle Oliveira Architects agency is a good example having renovated an apartment close to the famous Carré d’Art in Nîmes and installed the Stûv P-10 pellet stove in the living room. It stands proudly in the centre and generates a cosy atmosphere.

Stûv has adopted an eminently contemporary vision of heating: design, innovation, quality and sustainability are at the heart of its business. It also offers a unique experience by placing special emphasis on the practicality of its stoves and inserts. They are all manufactured to be easy to use and to provide the best possible performance.

Stûv 30 is the most popular model. The stove has three ingenious operating modes:

  • a glass door offering a panoramic view of the flames;
  • a solid door that reduces the radiation of the fire;
  • an open fire feature, which allows you to safely enjoy the crackle and smell of wood.

Sober and minimalist, this high-end stove can be installed on a swivel base and oriented towards the desired room or corner. It also has a feature to prolong the heat for several hours after the fire has been extinguished.

The decoration around a fireplace or stove

Installing a stove, insert or fireplace injects pleasure and comfort into the home. There is nothing like it to create a warm, friendly and cosy room. However, it is important to match it harmoniously with the interior decoration. To make the most of an open or closed fireplace, let’s take a look at the layout of the space with four inspiring ideas.

A wood-burning stove installed in front of a unique wall

A wall that is different from the rest of the room puts the spotlight on the design of the stove in front of it. The defined heating area draws attention and offers a unique view of the fire. A coloured wall in original shades (terracotta, blue-green, saffron yellow, etc.) underlines the beauty of a matt black stove such as the Stûv 6-H, a small, minimalist model. It can also be placed against a wall cladded:

  • in panelling to add authentic character;
  • in stone for a striking warm/cold contrast;
  • in brick for a New York-style loft atmosphere.

A stove in the centre of a living room to delimit spaces

The stove can help to organise the space. Installed in the centre of a living room, it has the advantage of separating the dining room from the living room in a modern way and ensuring that the heat is distributed evenly. On a stand or suspended, white or black, it takes pride of place in the middle of the decor: a real theatrical highlight. A vertical model with a vertiginous flue, such as the Stûv 30-compact, will add height to the room.

A fireplace in a relaxation area

To accentuate the peaceful atmosphere, the open fireplace is surrounded by cosy armchairs, sofas and poufs. In a reading room or restful corner, a bookcase is placed near the fireplace and harmonises with it in soft colours; beige, brown, grey. The top of the fireplace is decorated with contemporary objects (vases, knick-knacks, candleholders, etc.). On the floor, a design and rustic storage area reveals the next logs to be consumed. A relaxing interlude to recharge your batteries at home.

A designer insert built into a double-sided central partition

Optimising the layout with a built-in insert is a practical and aesthetic solution. A closed fire integrated into a white wall gives the impression of space. Almost invisible lines highlight the glow of the fire, a hypnotic, flickering dance to be admired from both sides of the wall. So as not to steal the limelight from this spectacular fireplace, the surrounding room is furnished with minimalist furniture and objects with touches of copper, reminiscent of the flames in the insert.

Today’s fireplace is a real object of desire. Once fired up, it comes into its own and assumes its role as an essential element in the heart of the home. Intelligent and stylish, stoves, inserts and fireplaces are just what you need to keep the home fires burning all through the winter.