The bedroom: comfort and aesthetics

Two trends are starting to emerge in the world of bedrooms: on the one hand, compact, monolithic beds with box springs, installed flush with the floor, accompanied by upholstered headboards that are sometimes available set in a wooden frame: these creations offer a new, more elegant, take on the box spring; on the other hand, the fashion is for suspended, lightweight structures, resting on fine, slender legs, giving the impression of a bed floating in space. They bring to mind a sophisticated camp bed with refined details and are designed to make your nights more enchanting than your days.

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VILLAS Decoration Bedroom
© Omar Sartor | BOLZAN, Jack-e model, design by Zanellato/Bortotto –

Know-how in focus

Wood is the material of choice for these visible structures, dressed in stretched textiles. Beech, solid oak, black elm, eucalyptus… are worked in a spirit of modern, high-end cabinet making, using traditional assembly methods. The beds are complemented by small pieces of accessory furniture, benches, bedside tables, night and day valet stands, compact wardrobes and smart storage units, footstools, dressing tables or small desks. With its contemporary boudoir vibe, the bedroom becomes a cosy cocoon where you can relax and unwind at any time.

VILLAS Decoration Bedroom, chambre

CARL HANSEN AND SON, BM0555 model, design by Carl Hansen and Søn & Duxiana – &

The beds combine the expertise of the bedmakers and sleep specialists in terms of comfort and the furniture manufacturers’ skill in producing robust structures with bases along geometric and essential lines. The bedside tables are integrated or placed in the continuity of the quilted headboards, decorated with stitching and underscored by horizontal or vertical lines. From the saddle leather straps to the mattresses with hand-stitched piping and the woodwork with its visible mortises, the know-how is put on display, as if offering guarantees of solidity and durability. The design is all about cosiness with generous, high and wide headboards and customisable textile covers.

VILLAS Decoration Bedroom, chambre

GIORGETTI, Frame model, design by Carlo Colombo –

The platform bed bases have adopted a softer look with their rounded corners and the organic curves of their headboards. Textile coverings can be used to create a customised decorative scheme: flame weaves and small reliefs, chenille threads, loops, velvety fabrics or fabrics with a reference to men’s tailoring… the creative ideas abound. The use of neutral, pastel and half-tone colours are also ideal for winding down and wallowing in a soothing sense of comfort.

VILLAS Decoration Bedroom, chambre

FLOU, Gaudì model, design by Matteo Nunziati –

Daywear and nightwear

The bed can also be turned into a colourful and plush bolthole. The blankets and plaids in fluffy wool, cashmere or mohair are a must have to cuddle up against, while the quilts and quilted eiderdowns of our grandmothers are making a comeback in modern fabrics and colours. Wraparound padded frames have been plucked from the coats and tents of nomadic peoples in an attempt to redefine the territory of intimacy. Reclinable XXL headboards with removable cushions offer an ideal reading position. Hidden or open storage chests are built into the thick bed bases, often divided into two parts for a double bed to make them easier to move around. The podium bed makes it possible to install drawers for storing bed linen. The ultimate ecological version comes with Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 cotton, linen or linen and hemp.

VILLAS Decoration Bedroom, chambre

VISPRING, Opulence mattress, Viceroy bed base and Gate headboard –

VILLAS Decoration Bedroom, chambre

TRECA, storage bed and Inspiration headboard –

Matching night table and bench

An indispensable component of today’s bedroom collections, timeless bed models embrace their functional side by teaming up with complementary elements and coordinated accessories. Bed-makers offer a complete range of stylish night-time products, made of carefully selected materials that incorporate marble, lacquer and wood veneer parts, reflecting the aesthetic lines of the bed. These pieces make it possible to create a satisfyingly harmonious space where you can not only aspire to quality of sleep but also to an atmosphere put together to match your personality. Everything in its place to end the day well, to wake up in a good mood and to save time, with everything you need at your side!

VILLAS Decoration Bedroom, chambre

DE WITTE LIETAER, Storm duvet cover in cotton satin –

VILLAS Decoration Bedroom, chambre

ROLF BENZ, Pina model, design by Kaschkash –