The most important trends in bespoke design doors made in Italy

“A door is not an object, it is a moment, it is an action, it is the beginning of a story. It is a mystery, a drama, an opera.” French star designer Philippe Starck does not underestimate the role that doors play in our home, and neither should we. That is why we take a look at the current trends in customized interior doors from the most beautiful Italian luxury brands.

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An essential part of any interior

Although doors are crucial to your home, they tend to be easily overlooked. However, a door can have an incredible impact on a room. You can choose to let doors blend in with their surroundings or make a statement by opting for an extravagant version made of luxurious materials and textures. One thing is certain, a custom-made door completes your home. Today, the choice of doors is much wider than a classic version in transparent glass or solid wood. We list the most interesting trends in custom-made doors made in Italy, renowned for its many high-end design brands.

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Aluminium door frames

Doors made with an aluminum or steel frame have been on the rise for quite a while and they will undoubtely continue to stay popular in the near future. Their stylish and timeless look fits perfectly in many different interior styles, ranging from industrial and contemporary minimalism to modern rural. In a white-walled room, a black version of this door, such as the exclusive Manhattan door of the Venetian brand Henry Glass, can look exceptionally striking.

Doors with wooden accents

Aluminum may be ubiquitous, but that doesn’t mean wooden doors have become obsolete, although the newest versions are designed in a more current style than the variant in solid wood. Lualdi, for example, launched the Skeye at the Supersalone 2021, a sliding door designed by Piero Lissoni that matches the contemporary minimalist look of steel doors but is made of glass and wood, and therefore has a warmer and softer look than its metal counterparts.

Geometric shapes

In 2021 we are also noticing many doors that are decorated with irregular rectangles, which gives them an original and unique twist. Longhi’s Land doors in leather and aluminium are showstopping, and so is the beautiful glass version of Rimadesio‘s new Maxi sliding doors. The flexibility in design of the Maxi sliding doors allows you to create highly personalized compositions with the 73 different glass types that are available in their collection. That way you can easily create a door that is one of a kind and matches your interior and personal taste perfectly.

VILLAS Decoration Custom Italian Doors

Glas Italia

Coloured or patterned glass

A glass door immediately enlarges a room and separates a space without blocking out the light, as solid doors tend to do. Nowadays we not only see transparent or frosted glass, but many brands are producing doors in ribbed or patterned glass. Colored glass is also in demand, especially ‘smoked’ versions such as the Vela Unik Antracite door with transparent Fumé glass from Bertolotto.

Pivot doors

Revolving doors have become rather outdated in the last years and have been gradually replaced by pivot doors. These are swinging doors that rotate on a vertical axis, which is different from regular hinged doors, where the hinges are attached to the side of the door and the adjacent wall. A pivot door often lacks a frame, which gives it a clean, minimalist look. A great example of this door type is Glas Italia‘s new Sherazade Spin collection, which is available in glass, wood and natural stone.

Dark colours

The colours that stand out this year are black and all its shades of gray. This may come as no surprise, as dark doors fit perfectly into the minimalist trend of recent years. An exceptional version of this trend is a door that has been created out of a slab of dark natural stone, such as the Mimetica sliding door from ADL Design. This remarkable design is available in several precious stones and refined ceramic slabs.

Innovative interior doors

Now that many objects are becoming ‘smarter’ (just think of the smart watch, the smart refrigerator or the smart speaker), doors equally deserve an intelligent upgrade. Lualdi commissioned none other than Philippe Starck to design a comprehensive system of intelligent doors, specifically made for the hospitality sector. This system, aptly named ‘Welcome’, has a playful charm that is typical of a Starck design. ADL Design has also created an innovative and multi-purpose separation system, which has been baptized Levante. The Levante is made of aluminum and is described as the first interior door that can also be used outside as a windshield and sunshade. The door works like a filter and is designed to adjust the light both inside and outside of our living space.