Holemans, 100 years of jewellery excellence

For 100 years Holemans has been able to pass through the ages and perpetuate his incredible know-how, while knowing how to reinvent themselves. At Holemans, the word "craftsmanship" takes on its full meaning: each piece of jewellery is made by hand, on site in the Brussels workshops of the Sablon, with the greatest respect for tradition. The House has always been synonymous with quality. Today, Holemans is resolutely looking to the future: its jewellery is guaranteed to be made of ethical and sustainable materials. More than 95% of the collections are made of recycled gold, and have been for the past 10 years. All diamonds come from legal sources and are not involved in the financing of armed conflicts in Africa (Kimberley Certificate). This approach already places Holemans in a future that will hold many more beautiful discoveries for us.

Traduction | Céline Nickmans
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