The new collection from Masureel

The new collection from Masureel, called "Joy" celebrates art and joy, offering vibrant wall coverings and textiles. Inspired by positivity and creativity, these products combine dynamic patterns with warm textures.

Traduction | Sébastien Braun (Weeb Agency)
1 minutes

Art is a recurring and inexhaustible source of inspiration for Masureel’s collections. The choice to delve into the universe of joyful artists is a counter-reaction to the current uncertainties and challenges we face. Joy is a subtle act of rebellion. We have tapped into positive vibes, festivity, encounters, the charms of nature, positive relationships, and creative spirit. Joyful, wild, unrealistic, disproportionate, idiosyncratic: Joy wall coverings are brimming with creative energy.

Textiles are another intrinsic element of Masureel’s essence. Our roots in the textile industry date back to 1850, and we have always embraced this heritage. In this collection, the warm textile structure serves as the foundation for each wallpaper.

The colors of Joy: faded lilac, mint, and peach pastels, enhanced by warm and bold colors, on a background predominantly linen or natural earth tones. Rose clay tones and lush greens blend with a variety of bright colors inspired by digital hues, forming a perfect ensemble with cooler beiges.

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