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Vondom is a Spanish brand specializing in the design, production, and marketing of furniture and lighting. Currently in full expansion, it stands out from its competitors through its innovation and understated yet prestigious finishes.

Vondom has wisely surrounded itself with world-renowned designers such as Stefano Giovannoni, Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, Javier Mariscal, Karim Rashid, A-cero, Ramon Esteve, and recently Jean-Marie Massaud.

Sober, angular lines are their hallmark; the products have a mineral look reminiscent of boulders or precious stones. A style that will blend perfectly with any interior.

Vondom distributes worldwide from their production site near Valencia in Spain. High-tech and environmentally-friendly materials are used in their manufacturing process to meet the demanding needs of customers looking for a touch of novelty in the world of design.



The company recently chose French designer Jean-Marie Massaud for a new collaboration. He wanted to evoke the original identity of the brand, born between the sea and the mountains in València.

Seven years ago, the designer discovered Vondom, a new design company on the outdoor market. Their catalog was an explosion of funky, fun products made in Spain. A great deal of expressive energy emanated from this young company. Today, the brand has matured and is more oriented towards a global experience.

Milos’ different pieces inspired by nature are like a collection of rocks gently shaped by winds and waves that create a typical Mediterranean landscape.

My intention was to bring to Vondom a non-Cartesian planning that you can combine organically, as life on a reef.”

Massaud aims to bring out this organic allure through the choice of materials and the variety of textures. Teak wood and polyurethane compose the modular sofa and the two armchairs with different shapes, inviting one to sit and relax. Lightweight cement combines with wood to form the coffee tables which, along with the rotationally molded planters with a stucco finish, give a rustic aesthetic to the whole. A range of around sixty fabrics, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, is available, allowing for a wide choice to meet everyone’s tastes.

Milos is a very versatile collection with flavours. Milos items’ sweet shapes put you in a good mood and invite you to enjoy the moment; the day under the sun, at night looking at the stars or partying with friends. The different pieces can come in contrast in a very modern environment, as well as in a perfect harmony with an outdoor lands- cape, in a residential configuration or on a large hotel terrace.

The Milos collection recently won the Red Dot Design Award 2024, the famous German prize that selects products from all over the world in every design category.

“Milos is an informal collection. It’s primarily about comfort. It’s inviting, generous, and also organic. These are seats where one feels comfortable.” Jean-Marie Massaud