5 Instagram accounts to follow

Dream interiors, architects' creations, behind-the-scenes looks at interior projects, DIY decorations galore... The social network Instagram is a veritable concentrate of inspiration for interior design addicts. A veritable goldmine for decorating ideas at your fingertips. Today Villas shares with you its favourites, 5 Instagram accounts to follow to give your home a makeover, beautify your flat, get inspiration and marvel at construction projects. A good dose of inspiration in just a few clicks!

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1. @agence_lanoe_marion, not to miss the trends

Interior designer in Lyon, Marion Lanoë shares with her community the backgrounds of her interior design projects, her news and also her favourites. A mix of neat photos of inspiring and trendy designs.

His credo? Renovations. Combining the existing with the new to reveal the charm of the old and give a house or flat its soul back.

Her decorative world is characterised by soft pastel shades and terracotta, her favourite material. Photos of decorated rooms reveal antique furniture with character and custom-made, in stone, wood and wicker. Small wall details add rhythm, such as round mirrors, modern wallpaper or contemporary elements like rattan pendants, skylights and other small decorative objects.

Marion Lanoë presents timeless and Scandinavian design on her Instagram. A very cosy and warm style.

VILLAS Decoration comptes Instagram déco

Marion Lanoë

2. @greenitecture, a refreshing Instagram account

Message to green addicts: this account is for you! You are about to discover a refreshing Instagram profile. Greenitecture is all about green architecture and sustainable design. It offers its followers photos that blend nature and construction. Design in perfect harmony with the environment.

Roofs covered with greenery, facades and walls covered with vegetation… Greenitecture brings us closer to nature with breathtaking architectures drawn by renowned designers. The images show luxury homes in the heart of Balinese forests and jungles. Wood, glass, concrete, the materials are natural and in tune with the environment. Large bay windows offer an opening to nature without demarcation between inside and outside.

Images, and even reels (videos), that make us dream and see life in green.

VILLAS Decoration comptes Instagram déco


3. @advanessafaivre, for contemporary design addicts

A&D Vanessa Faivre‘s Instagram account is full of cleverly designed, decorated and staged projects. This Parisian interior designer shares her flat restructuring projects through photos, some more beautiful than others.

The latter reveal Vanessa Faivre’s distinct taste for classic and contemporary interiors. To make the rooms more dynamic, the architect integrates her personal touch, her signature: a colourful note. This is how she brings life to decoration.

The lines are pure and timeless, the atmosphere is warm. The design is modern, sometimes influenced by Japan, with deep pastel shades, a play of light, minimalist decoration and natural elements such as oak panelling and glass partitions. This inspires modern and elegant interiors.

VILLAS Decoration comptes Instagram déco

Vanessa Faivre

4. @zahahadidarchitects, boldness and excess central to every Instagram post

The art of excess and originality is in the spotlight on this Instagram account. This profile outlines the career of the late Iraqi-British architect and urban planner Zaha Hadid and her many large-scale projects.

Zaha Hadid was an influential figure in the world of architecture, with works on all continents. This icon of the deconstructivist movement created true architectural jewels of bold, non-linear design.

Among others, it can be found on his Instagram account:

  • The library and learning centre of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) has a curvilinear and flowing appearance.
  • BEEAH Group’ s new headquarters  , in the shape of dunes, integrated in perfect harmony with Sharjah’s Al Sajaa desert.
  • The Beijing Daxing International Airport : traditional Chinese architecture with flowing shapes and an arched roof with a skylight.
VILLAS Decoration comptes Instagram déco

Zaha Hadid

5. @somewhereiwouldliketolive, an inspiring Instagram account

Somewhere I Would Like To Live, compiled by interior designer Katty Schiebeck and photographer Ruben Ortiz, features a selection of dream locations from around the world. With great addresses, secret spots, designer interiors and exteriors filled with artworks and luxury furniture, among nature and turquoise waters, the report immerses us in an enchanting universe. Stunning photographs that one can spend hours admiring.

From Paris to New York to Sri Lanka, interior designs by the biggest names in architecture are mixed with travel dreams. A gallery that inspires our future decoration and our next adventures around the planet.

VILLAS Decoration comptes Instagram déco

Somewhere I Would Like To LiveSubscribing to these Instagram accounts is guaranteed to get you plenty of inspiration. So get ready, subscribe and get inspired!

Psst, a new selection of favourite accounts is coming soon! #stayconnected