The most interesting architecture books of Spring

There is no better way to learn and get inspired than by reading a fascinating book. VILLAS made a selection of six brand new architecture books, with subjects ranging from terrazzo to the oeuvre of the American architect Louis Kahn, that definitely deserve a place in your library. 

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VILLAS Decoration books
© « 565 Broome Soho: Renzo Piano Building Workshop » | Rizzoli

Ode to the skyscraper 565 Broome Soho by Renzo Piano 

This new architecture book is a must for anyone interested in the oeuvre of the Italian star architect Renzo Piano. It is an in-depth study of the skyscraper 565 Broome Street, the first residential building designed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW Architects) in New York. 

The interesting iconography is accompanied by a text by Federico Bucci and Carol Willis, who describe the design in detail, together with the main features of the building and how it relates to the vibrant and world-famous city in which it is located. 

The photographic selection was divided into thematic chapters, starting with the depiction of the urban context of the building and then moving on to the different parts of the project, the formal and structural characteristics of the towers and the interior.

VILLAS Decoration architecture books

Preston Scott Cohen, Lightfall, Herta and Paul Amir Building, Museum of Modern Art, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2010 | « 565 Broome Soho: Renzo Piano Building Workshop », Rizzoli

VILLAS Decoration architecture books

Zaha Hadid Architects, Two Story Hill Side House, unbuilt, La Jolla, California, 2010. Rendering | « 565 Broome Soho: Renzo Piano Building Workshop », Rizzoli

Modern brick applications in remarkable contemporary homes

This new architecture book focuses on a specific material, namely brick, one of the oldest and most sustainable building materials in the world. In recent years, many architects have rediscovered the circular use of this building material and embraced its warm appeal, resulting in some of the most exciting contemporary architectural designs. “Brick by Brick” shows the most interesting examples of modern brick applications, with a focus on residential projects and interiors. These forward-looking projects from around the world push the boundaries of brick architecture and design. 

The book contains comprehensive profiles of buildings, including descriptive texts, practical insights from the architects, professional photographs and technical drawings or floor plans.

In-depth reference work on the origins of our building culture

This bulky book digs deep into the history of building. The ground, which today is mainly used as a passive foundation to go higher, is bursting with possibilities. Dutch architect Bjarne Mastenbroek, founder of the architecture firm SeARCH (Stedenbouw en ARCHitectuur), investigates in “Dig it! Building Bound to the Ground” he examines the relationship between architecture and its surroundings. Through photography by Iwan Baan and more than 500 analytical drawings by SeARCH, this book dissects numerous well-known and less well-known structures from the past millennia in a global overview that runs to almost 1,400 pages.

The influential oeuvre of architect Louis Kahn 

The significance of the work of top American architect Louis Isadore Kahn (1901-74), one of the greatest influences on post-World War II world architecture, is increasing dramatically today. Robert McCarter’s monograph clearly explains how Kahn redefined modern architecture and why his work remains a fundamental source of inspiration for many architects and designers to this day. 

This richly illustrated survey of his oeuvre has been carefully updated and expanded for this new edition, and includes both built and unbuilt projects, including Yale University Art Gallery, Kimbell Art Museum and the Salk Institute, along with his work in India and Bangladesh and a project realized 40 years after Louis Isadore Kahn’s death: the Four Freedoms Park in New York City.

In-depth overview of the terrazzo revival

Anyone who has kept an eye on material trends over the past few years has probably already noticed it. Terrazzo, which was very popular during the Swinging Sixties, is back in a big way, in a variety of different shapes and colours. This decorative speckled natural stone with a soft textured pattern is very stylish and versatile, allowing it to fit in with many different interior styles.

Terrazzo is currently a great favourite among many (interior) architects and is considered a more affordable alternative to marble or granite. This book covers the different types of stone and the most important international trends. But also the origin of materials, quality of design, composition, colour scheme and craftsmanship are discussed in detail with the help of various architects and designers.

Fifty contemporary and unusual homes by Belgian architects

Lovers of contemporary Belgian architecture will enjoy this fascinating book, which is now in its sixth edition. “Buitengewoon Belgisch Bouwen 6” selected 50 recent and exceptional homes designed by Belgian architects, both established names and up-and-coming talent (Compagnie-O, B-bis, Hulpia…). Builders, renovators, architects and interior designers will find plenty of inspiration for their projects. As a reader you will find original ideas and surprising material choices in word and image. The architect’s story and handy floor plans accompany you on your walk through the special houses. In this way, you discover not only the how and what, but also the why of the choices made by architects and builders.

Stylish book for lovers of Parisian architecture 

Paris has captured the imagination of many, not only in literary and fashion terms, but also in terms of its alluring architecture. This elegant book takes the reader along the many stylish streets of the famous City of lights, inviting us to discover and admire the facades of Parisian houses through the vivid watercolour paintings and ink drawings of illustrator Dominique Mathez. Eye-catching architectural details on windows, doors and balconies are highlighted and exude the typical Parisian charm for which the city is so famous. 

The beautiful and never-before-seen illustrations by Dominique Mathez were complemented by a text written by Olivier Gabet, director of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (MAD). This sophisticated book is a fitting gift for the many Francophiles around the world.