When Art and Design become one

Total immersion in the heart of a world of traditional know-how, passion, creativity and innovation. Villas takes you on a journey of discovery of men and women who imagine, shape, transform and/or restore exceptional pieces of art and design. 6 craftsmen competing in both ingenuity and talent.

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VILLAS Decoration métiers d'art
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Coup de Foudre: a luminous, poetic and magical universe

Coup de Foudre luminous creations were created in 2007 by Belgian artist Goedel Vermandere and his partner Jan Arickx. The duo loves working with porcelain, a sensitive, delicate and elegant material. These enthusiasts create works that reflect the beauty of natural imperfection. They imagine and shape majestic luminaries by hand, while letting themselves be guided by their emotions, chance and uncertainty. The result is singular and mysterious works of art. These bewitching designer lights offer a touch of magic to the space that welcomes them. They reveal a play of light and shadow, a striking contrast between hot and cold, beautiful and practical, contemporary and sustainable.

VILLAS Decoration métiers d'art

Coup de Foudre

Domiziani: the revival of majolica ceramics

In the heart of Italy, in Deruta, Roberto Domiziani, a talented visionary artist, has been working with majolica ceramics since 1987. A tradition preserved in the DNA of the region. The artist is revolutionising the way of thinking about this stone by combining it with lava and volcanic stone. This fusion of nature and art creates a unique heritage masterpiece, sustainable and with a strong identity.

Domiziani presents a collection of modern outdoor and indoor furniture in Italian majolica: tables, chairs, coverings, sinks, kitchen tops, stairs, decorative objects… The brand pushes research, innovation and customisation to the limit. The most innovative craftsmanship in the province of Perugia.

VILLAS Decoration métiers d'art


Laur Meyrieux: design wallpapers inspired by traditional Japanese shibori techniques

Sensitive to art since her childhood, Laur Meyrieux naturally headed towards an artistic career, working as a designer, interior architect, scenographer and art director. In 2012, she decided to go it alone. She opened a design studio in Japan, a country she is particularly fond of. The minimal, refined and delicate aesthetic of Japanese architecture feeds her creativity. Her collection of Asian wallpapers is part of this spirit between Art and Design. She explores colour, materials and handwork in an eco-design approach using the Japanese technique of Shibori.

Her singular creations, worked with attention to detail, have been awarded numerous prizes. Her career has also been marked by beautiful collaborations with luxury houses such as Hermès and apprenticeships with great names in design such as Jean Nouvel.

VILLAS Decoration métiers d'art

Laur Meyrieux

Pierre Renart: virtuoso designer and cabinetmaker

Pierre Renart excels in the field of art. He marvellously combines the traditional know-how of wood with new technologies. This designer and cabinetmaker imagines, designs and creates interior furniture with a unique character. His stylistic approach, immediately recognisable, is based on curved lines, waves and other aerial sinuosities. He works with several types of wood, American Walnut, Padouk, Oak, Rosewood and Teak, which he combines with composite materials, carbon fibre. A technical and aesthetic feat, inspired by nature.

His demand for quality, his constant search for new manufacturing processes and his audacity have earned him the right to participate in numerous prestigious exhibitions around the world. His Möbius collection has also joined the Musée des arts décoratifs and the Mobilier National.

VILLAS Decoration métiers d'art

Pierre Renart

Veronese: iconic Murano glass luminaires

Veronese began designing luxury Murano glass lighting in 1931. Since then, the brand has never ceased to innovate while relying on the traditional know-how of the Murano glass masters. Each piece is mouth-blown and handcrafted by specialists. The pieces are therefore unique.

In order to reconcile tradition and modernity, Veronese works with great designers and stylists from all over the world. In 2020, it was with the interior architect and designer Bruno Moinard that the brand revealed the Lido chandelier, a poetic and contemporary interpretation of Murano’s know-how, inspired by the Rezzonico style. A model remarkable for its fine lines and pure beauty.

VILLAS Decoration métiers d'art


Janaïna Milheiro: a singular vision of featherwork

Trained as a textile designer and craftswoman, Janaïna Milheiro has a passion for an unusual and volatile material: bird feathers. The beauty and magical aura of feathers attracted her. Several trials and creations followed, until this material became her true signature. Fashion, interior design, decorative objects… She integrates her touch in numerous pieces, some of which are made in partnership with big names in fashion and luxury. She works with feathers using traditional textile techniques: embroidery, weaving and knitting. Feathers are sometimes mixed with other materials such as brass, glass and wood, creating an astonishingly wonderful and original ensemble.

An enchanting art coveted by luxury brands such as Guerlain, Valentino, Dior and Chanel.

VILLAS Decoration Métiers d'art

Janaïna Milheiro