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Lina Bo Bardi and la Casa de Vidro: benchmark architecture

Perched high above São Paulo in Brazil, this dream house is unanimously recognised as one of the most remarkable buildings of 20th century architecture. Built in 1951, it is a forerunner of contemporary architecture which links humankind and nature. A panoramic view of a forest, transparent walls, and open space before the term had even […]

Spring is here. Ushering in its wake a keen urge to be out and about. To enjoy our garden. To go off on holiday, to the seaside or the mountains. To get some action. To get some fresh air. To get some space. Indoor or outdoor living is no longer the question, the boundary between the inside and the outside becoming increasingly blurred. A gentle breeze of change and renewal can be felt blowing through this new edition of VILLAS magazine, tempting us to head off to greener pastures, to go and see what is being done elsewhere and be inspired. Softly, softly… with a spring in our step…

Spring/Summer ’23
The best design hotels worldwide designed by Belgian interior architects

Belgium may be modest in size, yet it happens to be a fertile breeding ground for remarkable design talent. The pared-down, sober and stylish aesthetic that is so characteristic of the Belgian style is highly sought after, not only for private homes but also for high-end hospitality. Top designers such as Axel Vervoordt, Vincent Van […]