The modern designer bedroom, a luxurious retreat

A haven of peace, a cosy nest, a cocoon of intimacy... the bedroom invites us to unwind and wallow in its soothing energy. A space to shake off the outside world… once you enter it, it is difficult to leave. And this is partly down to the way you organise and decorate it. Let us look at how to design a modern bedroom that is as snug as it is stylish and create the bolthole of your dreams.

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A soothing colour palette for the sleeping area

The bedroom is a relaxing refuge where colours must be chosen with care. Certain colours are conducive to well-being and sleep. Bright and pop colours are not the best option for this calm and cosy environment. The bedroom is better suited to light, soft shades.

White, beige, cream or even grey are calming colours. These are also timeless colours. A bolder alternative is blue. It offers a contemporary style and also exudes a sense of relaxation and zenitude: a guaranteed feng shui atmosphere.

In a room dominated by light, sober colours, a coloured accent wall warms up and reveals the character of the room: a pale green for freshness or peacock blue for more depth. This also works well if you want to highlight the furniture placed in front of it, such as the bed, a bookcase or a chest of drawers. A graphic, textured or tropical patterned wallpaper also adds a dash of modernity to a wall.

Natural, enveloping materials and simple shapes

To achieve perfect harmony, the bedroom’s colours must be combined with the right materials. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, other criteria should be taken into account when choosing materials, such as comfort, durability or maintenance.

Cork flooring is a good compromise. An excellent insulator, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly, this material is a perfect match for light and cosy sleeping areas. The same goes for parquet, solid or laminate, which offers more comfort and the unmistakeable stamp of prestige. Another all-natural solution is sea rush, which adds a rustic and poetic designer touch. Modern, waxed concrete gives an ultra-contemporary atmosphere as well as an extra helping of soul to the sleeping area.

To delimit the zones in a master suite, the bathroom can have its own floor covering: generally large tiles. It can be separated from the sleeping area to create a designer, hotel-suite feel.

As for the decoration, the furniture and objects can be made of rattan, cane, bamboo or even wood in order to keep the look soft and modern. In terms of form, for a pure and contemporary design, furniture with straight, simple and pure lines are recommended.

A designer bed for a modern bedroom

All the other elements will revolve around the bed, the heart of the room. The bed will set the tone in the modern designer bedroom. To ensure a peaceful atmosphere as well as a luxurious character, the choice is therefore crucial.

Villas Decoration Bedroom

Gentleman Night Collection | Poliform

Brands are becoming more and more ingenious in offering more and more unique models that meet the needs arising from use. The Gentleman Nuit bed collection from Italian company Poliform stands out for its classic style and the quality of its details. Design and comfort go hand in hand in these premium models. Designed in 2021 by Dutch designers Atelier Marcel Wanders, they feature a painted metal base, a wide upholstered headboard and a polyurethane frame on slim, elegant legs. Italian company Lago has also come up with a truly innovative model, the Fluttua bed (designed by Daniele Lago in 2004): a suspended bed that defies the force of gravity and gives the illusion of sleeping in the air. The perfect combination of comfort and design. At the last Salone del Mobile, Lago unveiled a limited edition specially designed for the event: the Fluttua Replis bed. This was given a headboard made of pleated fabric that further underlines the feeling of lightness: an authentic and captivating design.

The chosen model must be both decorative and functional.

Villas Decoration Bedroom

Fluttua | Lago

A top-of-the-range walk-in wardrobe to optimise storage in the room

Practical and functional, the walk-in wardrobe has become just as indispensable as the bed itself. It is even used to real decorative effect, making the bedroom even more attractive. It replaces traditional wardrobes or chests of drawers that are too bulky. The walk-in wardrobe follows the lines of the room and exists in harmony with it.

Depending on the configuration of the sleeping area, it is necessary to find the most suitable location. Once the location has been chosen, the shape is the next consideration: L-shaped cupboards that can be inserted in a corner of the room with a fairly long and narrow wall; U-shaped for large spaces; L-shaped (wall-mounted) for smaller rooms with a good ceiling height. Now it’s time to choose a model. A top-of-the-range modular wardrobe will meet all your needs in terms of practicality, use and design.

Villas Decoration Bedroom

Storage by Piero Lissini | Porro

Villas Decoration Bedroom

Storage by Piero Lissini | Porro

The Cover Open wardrobe by Italian company Rimadesio, designed in 2021 by architect and designer Giuseppe Bavuso and manufactured in Italy, is an innovative linear and self-supporting storage solution. Composed of various features and compartments, this luxurious model guarantees the highest degree of customisation. The structure and profiles are in aluminium, the top in lacquered wood and the accessories in synthetic leather: a refined and durable product. Made in Italy, what else, Giorgetti also offers a functional and modern customised storage system: the Miyabi (2020) corner walk-in wardrobe in ash wood with integrated lighting. Two premium models to optimise the storage of clothes in the bedroom.

Villas Decoration Bedroom

Cover Open | Rimadesio

A peaceful and modern overall effect

To create a real link between well-being and design in the bedroom, the elements must complement each other and there must be a smooth transition between them. The position of each piece of furniture or decoration is important. Ideally, the bed is positioned against a wall, facing the door. The proportions of the bed need to be generous in relation to the size of the sleeping area. It is also important to ensure good circulation in the room. Bedside tables should be placed close to or integrated directly into the headboard to optimise the layout. A glass partition, a screen, a claustra or a wall of plants is the ideal separation to elegantly divide up the spaces between the bathroom, the walk-in wardrobe and the office area.

As far as lighting is concerned, a combination of small, low-intensity light sources (suspended, wall-mounted, free-standing, etc.) with a yellow tinge helps you fall asleep. It is also a modern and trendy combination. Throw in a scattering of decorative objects (paintings, armchairs, carpets, mirrors, plants, etc.) as well as beautiful bed linen and you have a sumptuous room, worthy of a luxury hotel. Simple, snug and stylish: the three concepts that will guarantee the success of the modern designer bedroom.