A Belgian design barbecue for the outdoor kitchen

Summertime means barbecue. Much more than a simple cooking device, the modern barbecue is a functional, efficient and aesthetic object. With its elaborate design and contemporary lines, it fits into the garden or outdoor kitchen like a work of art that delights the taste buds and the eyes. Metal, gas, charcoal or stone, here are the most beautiful models of design barbecue, as well as braziers, masters of outdoor conviviality.

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VILLAS Decoration Barbecue design belge
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Metal models and braziers, all fire and brimstone

With the advent of high-performance and designer models, revolutionised in part by the famous manufacturer Weber (to be found, for example, at Vanhie in Belgium), barbecues are now the preferred cooking tools during the summer. And so they are becoming the central elements of summer meals, spreading the culture of grilling to the forefront of the art of outdoor cooking. 

Among the most contemporary are barbecues made of metal, steel or aluminium. With a significant advantage: high resistance to time and wear. A durable appliance, but not the only one. Its sober and well-crafted appearance also offers charm and cachet to the garden. 

Another popular model is the brazier. As well as delighting guests, this equipment allows you to enjoy a convivial evening around a good fire. Installed in the garden, next to the colourful outdoor furniture, it provides heating, lighting, but also decoration: a sophisticated campfire version!

To adopt this new approach to outdoor kitchens, here are some exceptional models:

  • The Bolga fire table: a luxurious, sturdy steel fireplace in the centre of an oak table top. The assurance of warm meals around a modern structure that radiates warmth and energy.
VILLAS Decoration Barbecue design belge


VILLAS Decoration Barbecue design belge


VILLAS Decoration Barbecue design belge


  • And from the Netherlands, Ofyr cooking units, sold at Véranda Hainaut in Wallonia: braziers in Corten steel or black lacquer, some of which have a wood storage compartment. An aesthetically pleasing model to be installed next to a designer veranda for a unique outdoor cooking experience.
VILLAS Decoration Barbecue design belge


Gas models with a contemporary look

The gas barbecue is invading terraces and summer gardens. This success is partly due to its many advantages. First of all, it is quick to light. For most models, a simple button is enough to start it, so there is no risk of burning. Like the oven, it is possible to adjust the temperature. This control allows you to obtain the desired cooking temperature. This model also offers healthy and tender cooking. Opting for a gas barbecue means choosing convenience for a peaceful feast. In addition, it reveals an aesthetic, elegant and modern design: a cooking appliance that has everything to please, or at least almost. There is one slight constraint. The equipment is a bit bulky and therefore it is more difficult to clean the various elements that make it up.

Barbecook offers a whole range of gas barbecues, of which Stella is the top of the range and their star product: a beautiful appliance with a matt black finish and silver details. Stella has three burners, three enamelled cast iron grills, a folding side table and storage space. A grease tray collects the grease, making the appliance easy to clean.

VILLAS Decoration Barbecue design belge


Modern charcoal barbecues: the conviviality advantage

To give food an inimitable smoky flavour, there is nothing like a charcoal barbecue. Indeed, cooking with charcoal gives a particular taste, described by aficionados as “authentic”. But that is not its main advantage. This cooking appliance gathers all the guests around it: a real moment of sharing and cooking with family or friends. Mobile and light, it is easy to move it in the garden or to store it at the end of the summer. On the other hand, it takes a little longer to start up than other types of barbecues and maintenance is more restrictive, but that is the price of a delicious and convivial meal.

Outr, a Belgian manufacturer, is committed to developing a high quality range that minimises inconvenience. This is why the Kettle BBQ has an integrated thermometer, making it easy to achieve perfect cooking. Also, to ensure safe use of the appliance, it has a heat protection plate under the handle. This enamelled steel model, which can be found in the south of Brussels at the garden furniture and accessories specialist Plaisir du Jardin, meets all our expectations and also reveals a pure line, which blends in with any outdoor kitchen.

VILLAS Decoration Barbecue design belge


Design stone barbecues: the stars of the garden

Powerful, solid and long-lasting, the fixed barbecue has become the highlight of the summer kitchen. Imposing, it consists of a firebox and a support for the cooking grills. Made of stone, the barbecue offers an old-fashioned charm and a unique character to the outdoor decoration. This noble material has many advantages. Resistant, it can withstand both sun and weather. The firebox is safe and prevents burns. Easy to maintain, it can be cleaned quickly. And finally, it is available in several types of stone, such as volcanic stone or Dordogne stone, making it possible to obtain the look and style of our choice: contemporary or rustic.

More and more popular, the so-called “design” barbecues or braziers are now being displayed in style in gardens. Combining beauty, gastronomy and conviviality, they are the ideal summer companions for cooking in a different and more creative way, without any complexes.