Window coverings: the latest trends

Window coverings make or break an interior. It not only gives a room a finished feel, but can also transform it by creating the illusion of a higher ceiling or framing a view. In short: a well-considered choice in terms of curtains, blinds and Venetian blinds lifts an interior to a higher level and is therefore definitely worthwhile.

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It is not always easy to estimate what a room needs in terms of window coverings. First and foremost, the window covering needs to match the window itself. In addition, a number of other factors also play an important role, such as the incidence of light that develops during the course of the day, the purpose of the room and the privacy it requires. Every year, different trends emerge that can be highlighted in the right spaces.

Window trim for black window bars

Black window bars are in. Cover these with nude or beige drapes for a contrasting look. This accent creates a finished look and a luxurious feel. Currently, linen is a very popular fabric for window coverings because of its special texture. This natural fabric allows light to pass through, making it more suitable for the living area or kitchen than the bedroom. Linen is also a very durable choice: it is a strong and long-lasting material. Caution: linen curtains can discolor with time due to sunlight – although this often just adds to their character.

VILLAS Decoration decoration fenêtres


If you want to ensure that your fabric ages well, find out about the fabric’s lightfastness. This involves the way the fabric is woven and treated as well as the quality of the yarn and pigments used. So choose a reliable partner for the design, manufacture and installation of your window coverings, such as the Belgian company The Fabric or L’atelier d’Emilie. Here you will find an extensive range of curtains and blinds, chosen with passion and woven with metier. You can also count on personal advice, customized work and excellent service. From seamstress to installer: each and every expert is ready to assist you. 

VILLAS Decoration decoration fenêtres

L’Atelier d’Emilie

Window coverings for arched windows

In addition to black window bars, the arch is also back as an architectural element. It is reappearing in contemporary homes in the form of passages, doors or decorative elements. Arched windows are also making a comeback, but these are not always easy to combine with window coverings. Long curtains that just touch the ground on either side of the window contrast nicely with the curves of the arch. Opt for a neutral color to show off the arched windows nicely.

The Belgian ‘Verilin‘ has been offering excellence in craftsmanship and high quality custom-made curtains, manufactured with jacquard looms in their workshop in Kortrijk for more than 60 years. Today, the entire production process is still in the hands of the West Flanders family business. Among their customers they can count Sergio Herman. Verilin’ was responsible for the linen curtains in his restaurant ‘Le Pristine’.

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Window coverings for large windows

These days, “the bigger, the better” applies when it comes to windows. This credo also fits perfectly with the ‘indoor-outdoor living’ trend that is currently making waves. The interior flows seamlessly into the exterior and creates a greater sense of space. This is made possible by large, frameless glass panes and sliding windows. The interior flows, as it were, into the outside world thanks to the use of the right colors, textures and materials. So-called ‘inbetween curtains’ consist of a thinner fabric than curtains but have more body than net curtains. They prevent people from looking in from outside but let in a lot of sunlight and are the ideal combination with large windows. 

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Verilin | Thomas De Bruyne

Furthermore, vertical blinds can also provide a contemporary solution for large window sections. In addition to being practical – thanks to the vertical strips you can easily regulate both the screening and the incidence of light – they are also stylish. After all, they provide a sleek, minimalist look: ideal for modern homes.

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Patterned window coverings

Window coverings can be replaced relatively easily. This makes curtains an ideal form of self-expression and a way to incorporate your personality into your interior. Dare to make a statement with a bold print or choose a striking seasonal color. The ideal base from which to experiment with patterns? That has to be the kitchen.

Bring more character to your interior by selecting a fabric with a story, for example from the hand of renowned French interior designer Madeleine Castaing. Her collection of fabrics consisting of beautiful prints are still available today at Edmond Petit and are guaranteed to bring life to your home.

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William Abranowicz

Window coverings as an extension of the walls

Furthermore, it is an option to continue your wall color in your curtains. The result is a streamlined and sophisticated whole. In this case, the window coverings form a cohesive backdrop in which your furniture can shine. On the other hand, you can also choose to have your window coverings match one or more pieces of furniture. In doing so, you can either choose materials in the same hue or effectively use the same fabric. Have a lampshade or chair covered with the same fabric as your curtains for the perfect symbiosis.

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Casamance | Ritournelle

 And why not use so-called ‘deadstock’ fabrics – i.e. unused fabrics from previous collections – from prestigious Belgian fashion brands? At The Fabric Sales you will find an extensive collection of more than 7,000 unique deadstock fabrics from brands such as Dries Van Noten, Sofie D’Hoore and Caroline Biss. In this way you add a unique detail to the space that will delight interior design enthusiasts.

Mix & match window coverings

The choice of window coverings is endless: (roman) curtains, blinds, net curtains and more. Yet choosing does not necessarily mean losing. Under the motto “unity makes strength” a combination of classic curtains with a roller blind made of different materials can be a great solution.

Stores in a natural material such as bamboo provide structure and offer privacy while long, light ‘inbetween’ curtains frame the window beautifully. This unexpected combination adds a boho touch to the interior, without falling into clichés. The whole looks stylish and brings dynamism but does not disturb the peace.

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Mindy Gayer