Misia’s Estival collection

An airy voile evoking certain crochet works, a fabric with a large flamed bouclet thread, robust fabrics with a spotted aspect, an elegant four-coloured stripe, textures with small contemporary motifs... Misia's ESTIVAL collection embodies the art of combining contemporary elegance with technical performance. Thanks to the polypropylene fibre, ideal for outdoor use, maintenance is easy, the fabrics are 100% recyclable, their colour fastness to light and rubbing is remarkable, as is their resistance to bad weather, chlorinated and salt water, and even mould. The appearance of these fabrics, both visually and tangibly, is reminiscent of the natural confections that blend cotton, virgin wool or linen. Cheerful seasonal shades for terraces, poolside, under verandas or as curtains for canopy beds...

Traduction | Céline Nickmans
1 minutes
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