High alliance of art and jewellery in the Manalys workshops

A private visit to the Manalys jeweller's workshops in Brussels is an opportunity to discover a dream world where choosing a wedding ring becomes a real experience thanks to the made-to-measure production that is offered. In this boutique and workshop, accessible by reservation, the jewellery, watchmaking and fine jewellery collections are revealed to couples, but also to collectors and lovers of fine stones.

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Have the luxury of making your own all-gold or diamond-set wedding ring

All Manalys collections—mainly unique pieces—are handmade. Since its creation in 2009, the company offers the possibility of working to order for its customers and brings their most cherished projects to life. Those looking for a wedding ring or an engagement ring for their loved one can now attend a dedicated workshop entitled “Create your wedding rings as a couple”. Manalys accompanies them from the design (based on existing models or imagined for the occasion), to the conception and quality control before the purchase.

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Manalys | Wedding ring private workshop

“Everyone who comes to Manalys has the opportunity to see their wishes, simple or even complex, come true”, says Moïse Mann, founder of Manalys. “Having the chance to make your own wedding ring in our workshop is an advantage that our new and loyal customers appreciate”, says the director of the Belgian jeweller.

“We work hand in hand in confidentiality, conviviality and sharing. Our team of four jewellers, each of whom has been trained in Belgium and then professionally trained by us, does everything possible for the couples who attend this workshop, from the preparatory drawings to the final stage of setting.”

Manalys is indeed one of the few jewellery houses in Belgium to have an integrated gem setter in its workshop. When the precious stones are inserted into the rings, the craftsmen’s eyes light up: the climax of an unforgettable and symbolic moment for the future grooms, who will keep the memory of a privileged moment within the wedding ring workshop.


Engage in exceptional creation from design to conception

The Manalys workshops open their doors to every couple who wants to give themselves unique moments and make their wedding rings by hand, with the greatest respect for jewellery tradition and with all the modernity that distinguishes Manalys: choice of model, preparation of the precious metals, shaping and soldering of the rings, finalisation and reception characterise each stage of creation.

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Manalys | Workshops

A keen sense of aesthetics, expertise in the selection of precious stones and metals and high quality craftsmanship characterise Manalys, as it was conceived by Moïse Mann, a jeweller by training, after 18 years with the great Belgian jeweller Holemans. A family brand that celebrates its centenary in 2022 and whose creations are passed on from generation to generation. Manalys’ creations are dedicated to current and future generations.

“Our clientele is mainly Belgian, with an international base, and a younger segment of the clientele is now looking to understand and even be involved in the actual design of the jewellery they purchase,” says Mann. “For them, value and sophistication go hand in hand with transparency about the origin of materials and manufacturing techniques.”


Originality, exception and naturalness: the secrets of jewellery according to Manalys

The rings of the lovers participating in the Manalys wedding ring workshops are based on the marriage of several exceptional materials orchestrated by the jeweller accompanying the couples in this process—a concept that is unprecedented in Belgium.

The three to four hour work process between the purchasers and the entire team in charge of the Manalys design and manufacturing workshops goes through an initial melting of the metals in order to prepare an alloy, the shaping of the rings (i.e. the preparation of the body of the ring from a raw ingot), then the soldering in order to give them their final appearance, and finally the polishing.

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Manalys | Pink gold custom wedding ring

The unique designs and singular approach of the Manalys jewellery store have been attracting customers since its opening. “Our customers are always looking for originality and exceptionality, and are just as attentive to the origin of the elements that make up our models,” explains the creator of Manalys. “The stones offered are drawn from their source, entirely natural and unheated, whereas the market is usually full of coloured stones that have undergone thermal alteration so that their colours can gain in intensity.”


The wonderful and exclusive world of the Belgian jeweller Manalys

Once the wedding rings have been designed, the craftsman gives the couple their creation. With this bond, many continue to discover the full extent of the Manalys collection…

Rubies, emeralds, blue sapphires and white diamonds, as well as a wide range of colours, enliven Manalys’ sculptural and organic catalogue. Animal motifs, such as rams and fishes, rub shoulders with the most abundant and delicate plants for the pure pleasure of the senses.

Often, a piece of fine jewellery is conceived from a client’s love affair with a stone that Moïse Mann has selected during his many trips to Sri Lanka. For large orders, the stones are specially selected to meet the customer’s wishes. “Many of our jewels are designed and made according to the gemstones we buy” says Mann. “As with diamonds, coming from Antwerp, the middlemen are reduced, which allows us to offer our customers reasoned and genuinely competitive prices.”

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Manalys | Gold and diamonds custom wedding ring collection

A world that is both assertive and delicate, appealing to women and men alike. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants, earrings and brooches, as well as jewellery boxes and even cufflinks, all interact in the world of Manalys.

A selection from one of the most prestigious watchmaking houses, the Swiss watch manufacturer Girard-Perregaux (one of the oldest in the world), is also offered by the boutique in Brussels. Manalys also offers additional services such as the expertise and even the repair and transformation of antique jewellery.


An open door to boldness and timeless elegance

Located on the famous boulevard de Waterloo in Brussels, the stronghold of international luxury brands, the Manalys boutique is nonetheless confidential, accessible and on a human scale.

Precious details, such as the door handles designed by the graffiti artist and painter Denis Meyer, in collaboration with the Belgian manufacturer Maison Vervloet, and a console by Ado Chale, contribute to making the place remarkable, in the image and honour of Manalys creations.

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Manalys | Boutique on boulevard de Waterloo in Brussels

Within an interior designed by the architect Olivier Dwek, which preserves the original historical elements (including a door sculpted with the portrait of Saint-Eloi, patron saint of metal craftsmen, discovered during the renovation) and where the sober colours match, time seems to be suspended and creates an atmosphere conducive to wonder.

No previous experience is required to sign up for the wedding ring workshops, just let the professional craftsman guide you through the process. Scheduling your visit up to eight weeks before your wedding date allows for rings to be made within one to two weeks, in time for a boutique reception or delivery before the happy event. The cost of the workshop is 180 euros per couple. The choice of rings and their materials determine their price (from 400 euros), depending on their size, the colour of the gold or the presence of diamonds and fine stones.


Information and reservations
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