Sabina Ibiza: discover this exclusive and sustainable villa estate on the Balearic Islands

A brand new prestige project has recently opened its doors on the famous Spanish island of Ibiza. Sabina Ibiza is a vast private domain characterised by an ecological vision and boasting numerous five-star facilities. It is an architectural gem with fifty luxury residences designed by a team of renowned architects. Situated in a sublime location in unspoilt nature, Sabina’s Clubhouse and villas offer panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Guest creators include Matteo Thun, John Dawson and Marcio Kogan.

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The ideal location between the mountains and the sea

This enchanting place was christened Sabina, a reference to the pine tree, the island’s sacred tree. Its location borders on perfection, on a hilltop above Cala Tarida, on the island’s stunning west coast. This spot is protected from behind by mountains that climb up to Sa Talaia, the highest mountain on the island. To the north of Sabina Ibiza is the popular port of Cala Comte and in front of the estate stretches the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean.

VILLAS decoration Sabina Ibiza

Sabina Ibiza

A wide range of facilities

But Sabina Ibiza is much more than just stylish residences; creator and property developer Anton Bilton was keen to create a community of like-minded souls, and this is evident in the many facilities. The beating heart of this exclusive estate is the Clubhouse, designed by Canadian architect Rolf Blakstad and Catalan interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán. The Clubhouse also includes an elegant bar as well as a library, gymnasium, smoking room and extensive spa.

A relaxed and spiritual atmosphere

Ibiza is known for its nightlife culture, so it’s not surprising that Sabina Ibiza also counts a private nightclub, albeit with a casual, non-commercial atmosphere. In addition, there is an amphitheatre where movie nights, workshops and sun-drenched yoga classes will take place. Also notable is the Temple, a spiritual but not religious place. “I wanted a space where people can come for contemplation, connection and celebration,” says creator and real estate developer Anton Bilton. The children are also thought of; for the little ones there is a play area, while teenagers can have fun in the swimming pool and bowling alley.

VILLAS decoration Sabina Ibiza

Sabina Ibiza

Designed by renowned architects

What immediately stands out about this residential complex is the exceptional architecture of the place, which blends perfectly into the surrounding, flourishing nature. No less than 18 renowned architects are responsible for the creation of the 50 private villas, situated on a sun-drenched and unspoilt coastline. Italian designer Matteo Thun, Briton John Pawson, known for his minimalist style and Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan—an architect who has always succeeded in elevating tropical modernism to an art form—, are part of the talented line up.

The surrounding nature as a source of inspiration

Rick Joy, who designed the impressive Amangiri Resort, a minimalist gem in the Colorado Mountains, was also part of the Sabina Ibiza architectural team. The pastoral, calm energy he experienced when entering grounds had a major influence on his design. “This part of the island is very serene, it’s a great place to relax,” Rick Joy says. The architect also used the porous rock of the area as inspiration.” On this island there is so much beautiful rock and there are so many skilled stonemasons, it was abundantly clear that we had to do this,” explains Joy.

VILLAS decoration Sabina Ibiza

Sabina Ibiza

Cooking with herbs from the roof terrace

The plants and herbs that grow wild on the estate also played an important role in the creation of Sabina Ibiza. Matteo Thun explains it. “Nature tells you what a project will look like, not an architect’s brain,” he says. “In this particular case, we liked to work with herbs. This is very sensory, I call it botanical architecture. There’s no clear difference between inside and outside. So an herb garden was also created on the roof of the resort, so residents can enjoy meals prepared with homegrown ingredients.”

Sustainability as a hobby horse 

The importance of ecology runs like a thread through the vision that is being developed for this lush estate. Everything is being done to make the complex as sustainable as possible, and with success. Sabina Ibiza was one of the first residential projects in Europe to receive an ‘Excellent’ pre-qualification from the BREEAM quality label. This certificate indicates the highest level of commitment to sustainability in ten categories such as water conservation, energy efficiency, resource management and the use of innovative technologies.

VILLAS decoration Sabina Ibiza

Sabina Ibiza

Rent a luxury villa on Sabina Ibiza

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an owner to enjoy all the beauty that Sabina Ibiza has to offer. The residents of this private community have the option to rent out their residence. This means that you, as a guest, become a member of Sabina during your stay. This way you can enjoy all the benefits that one has as an owner, with full access to the Clubhouse, all facilities and the use of the private concierge.

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