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Three generations of talented ceramists worth knowing in Belgium

 Ceramics have been appearing more and more in the interior in recent years, and that is not surprising. Ceramics are made using the most essential natural elements: earth, water and fire. This resonates with a longing for unspoilt nature, which is so central to our current spirit. VILLAS goes over some interesting ceramic talents known […]

The features we have prepared for you in this edition see us steer our sights towards the Middle East, a region with its own distinct personality from the rest of the world… How? By showcasing eye-catching houses, architecture and gardens that open up horizons far beyond our European shores. The United Arab Emirates, and Dubai in particular, as well as being popular business and tourism destinations, have evolved into a “laboratory” for avant-garde ideas and projects in the fields of design and urban planning. Morocco, a sublime city that subtly blends tradition and modernity, notably in this property designed by the emblematic Studio KO, the essential architectural duo. Marrakech remains a destination that never disappoints. There is always something to discover in the Imperial City. A change of scenery is guaranteed, and a few days away for a weekend, even at the last minute, is a promise of authentic pleasures…

Meeting with Fiorella Villa, Italian design pasionaria

The high-end furniture brand B&B Italia has been Fiorella Villa’s “home” for many years. An influential figure in Italian design, an expert in communication and marketing, and now a leading consultant to the Italian furniture and hospitality industry, Fiorella Villa has exceptional knowledge and flair. The Salone del Mobile and all the top design brands […]