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Memorable Belgian nights between design and architecture

No need to venture far to leave the daily routine behind and enjoy an unconventional getaway. Today, Belgium is turning to design and architecture to offer a range of extraordinary escapes and original stays. A great way to get away from it all just a few kilometres from home. The contemporary Slô cabin nesting in […]

The year 2024 is just around the corner, and it’s an astonishing time for the housing sector. At some point, we had to calm down, and after being cooped up (that’s not too strong a word!), the logical thing to do today is to TRAVEL. Hotel occupancy rates are at an all-time high, airline sales are soaring… in short, the industry is on a roll. So what can we, the publishers of home magazines, do? Adapting and helping our customers. Our motto is and always has been: kindness.

We’re so proud to say that, yes, the big brands follow and support us, because they love VILLAS and are pampered here. Yes, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to wow our readers, so that we can live up to our convictions and their expectations by presenting innovative talent that explodes their creativity. Yes, “this mag is good and inspiring” (as some would say) and it won’t stop evolving. The June issue promises happy days for those who read and love us.

Exceptional spas

Itinerary of an indulgent V.I.C. (Very Important Curist) through some of the most beautiful mountain spas, stopping off in stunning hotels equipped with top-class treatment centres. Complete with breathtaking views over the surrounding peaks of the Swiss, French or Italian Alps. Whether for a weekend, a week or more, all you have to do is […]