Arclinea or the elegance of the Italian kitchen

Once relegated to meal preparation, the kitchen is today the beating heart of the home. Having emerged from the shadows, it has become a stage where the whole family and even guests gravitate. The Arclinea kitchen is a sociable place, a melting pot of sharing, creativity and experience. An industry reference for almost 100 years, the Italian kitchen manufacturer regularly reinvents itself to cater to all demands, from functionality to ergonomics without skimping on aesthetics. An insight into an elegant, luxurious world on the cutting-edge of kitchen design.

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Arclinea: a kitchen specialist for almost a century

The company was founded in 1925 in Caldogno, in the province of Vicenza, as a specialist wood-workshop. It was named after the founder Silvio Fortuna Senior. In the 1950s, Silvo’s children joined the company with a clear goal: to leave behind the artisanal dimension and mass production. This goal was achieved in 1960, when the Arclinea brand saw the light of day (the root Arc being the acronym for Arredamento Razionale Componibile or Rational Modular Furniture) and the first modular kitchen in natural wood, Thea, was created.

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Thea | Arclinea

The models are geared towards private individuals, epicureans with a passion for gastronomy. Arclinea designs fitted kitchens as well as modular kitchens. Intent on satisfying every possible desire, in 1988, the kitchen manufacturer unveiled a revolutionary collection of professional kitchens adapted to domestic use: the Italia range designed by the Italian designer Antonio Citterio, famous for his innovative and discreet style.

Sharing the same conceptual approach and vision of the kitchen as a place to cook and as a living space, Cittero became the company’s principal designer in 1993, going on to deliver creations with the emphasis on excellence, on total quality.

Villas Decoration Arclinea

Italia | Arclinea

In 2016, the brand joined forces with the furniture manufacturer B&B Italia. A partnership underpinned by common values: design, innovation and quality. Then, in 2018, Arclinea, together with the lighting companies Louis Poulsen and Flos, became part of Design Holding, the largest European group in the high-end design sector. In June 2021, the group opened its first flagship store in Denmark: D Studio Copenhagen, a retail space showcasing their collections.

Arclinea has been an international success story for almost a century. Savvy enough to adapt to furnishing trends as well as to respond to the demands arising from concrete use in terms of functionality and practicality, Arclinea has been able to carve out a niche for itself and become a reference in the Italian and international furnishing industry. The brand has been awarded numerous prizes, including the prestigious EDIDA (Elle Decor International Design Award) recently awarded for its Convivium range of warm, welcoming and convivial kitchens.

How to design the perfect kitchen, mixing practical with pleasure

From the very beginning, Arclinea has been able to foresee, interpret and respond to successive changes in society. From the 1990s, kitchens gradually became living spaces in their own right. The kitchen maker has transformed this space into a place to share experiences, dedicated to pleasure, where culinary culture meets design culture. It anticipates developments while remaining true to its values. It combines modern manufacturing processes with Italian craftsmanship, resulting in models that are ingenious, functional and aesthetic. A harmonious marriage created with talent.

The kitchen designer’s ultimate aim is to offer the kitchen of one’s dreams, one that reflects its own concept of excellence and that adapts to everyone’s essential needs. This philosophy prompts it to develop innovative models with great design flexibility, to pay attention to every minute detail and to offer meticulous finishes that lead to exceptional results. It fits its kitchens with professional equipment and connected appliances to facilitate everyday use.

The brand is also increasingly committed to the environment and ecology. This is reflected in the choice of recyclable materials, water-based paints, ethical technological practices and procedures and its decision to manufacture only in Italy. In 2015, the company obtained ISO 14001 (environmental management system) and ISO 9001 (quality management system) certification. Its production methods are designed to be responsible in consideration of future generations, while maintaining optimal performance. The kitchens are crafted according to a unique process and are resistant to time. Since 2014, Arclinea has been working with a PVD stainless steel coating that protects the kitchens from corrosion.

Attentive to new needs and evolutions, the kitchen manufacturer is constantly unveiling ever more intelligent solutions that inject new features into its kitchens.

Iconic models by Arclinea

The Arclinea collection is made up of several different but recognisable models, each one improving on the previous one to meet new criteria.

Among the most emblematic: Thea (1958), the very first range made from natural wood, characterised by a separation of the kitchen in two, with one zone dedicated to preparation (wet kitchen, a concept specific to the brand) and another designed as a convivial living space (show kitchen). Claudia, produced in 1963 and equipped with built-in appliances, combines the two spaces in one. Arclinea displays the appliances unashamedly: a unique kitchen combining practicality and aesthetics. This was the first collection to be presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Gamma30, a modular model, offers an infinite number of possible combinations. Launched in 1970, it was met with great success. Later renamed Gamma, it is now a programme that can be combined with other products in the collection.

The first model designed by the brand’s creative director, Antonio Cittero, Italia (1988), draws on the functional criteria used by the catering industry and injects it into the domestic environment. Epicureans are treated to high-quality equipment usually reserved to the professionals. The kitchen is divided up into several zones: cooking and washing areas. It also features bronze-coloured stainless steel. In 2002, Antonio designed Convivium, an open space, where you can both cook and share a meal around a table island. Finally, in 2008, the kitchen manufacturer innovated once again by bringing out Lignum and Lapis in collaboration with its designer. A kitchen composed of high-end materials and a central island that can be used to concentrate all the equipment while also entertaining guests.

Today, Arclinea continues to design kitchens that are more practical, innovative and aesthetically pleasing than ever. Alongside the Design Holding group, the kitchen manufacturer presents its creations in exceptional settings during showrooms where design is celebrated together under one roof. The brand will soon be introducing new, even more efficient production process configurations. This will further enhance the reputation of the talented kitchen manufacturer, always on the lookout for new developments in the furniture market.

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