Luxury ornamental hardware: our top addresses

Is the hardware store an outdated store? Quite the opposite! There was a time when only concept stores and flagships reigned supreme in the world of design. But spurred on by a few old-fashioned bazaar enthusiasts, luxury decorative hardware has made a comeback! Vintage, poetic, trendy, this contemporary store surfs the codes of design to give an extra soul to our well-kept interiors. Trendy decoration addresses not to be missed.

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VILLAS Decoration Quincaillerie Luxe
© Vervloet

Luxury decorative fittings: the place to be

Long dismissed as old-fashioned, the hardware store has now regained its credentials. A veritable cave of Ali Baba, where you can find both beautiful decorative items and rare quality items. Small or inconspicuous items, but which have the power to confirm the style of an interior. Two of our favorite addresses in the heart of the Brussels Capital Region are Vervloet and Novia Due.

“Nothing more important than a house in a good mood. ” Isabelle Hamburger, Director of Vervloet, a master designer of art hardware since 1905. Vervloet strives to design decorative pieces with a unique signature like works of art. Accessories with character that arouse emotions and invite the hand to caress the precious objects: door handles in brass or bronze, signed by talented designers.

For Novia Due, the secret to a beautiful interior door is beautiful hardware, “a beautiful handle, the jewel of your door.” This decorative hardware store offers modern, designer references for doors and home furniture to enhance and personalize your interior. It also offers a custom service to create the perfect piece of furniture for your home.

Luxury is truly at your fingertips in these 2.0 stores, where designers and architects scavenge the finest nuggets of gold to complete an interior design project.

VILLAS Decoration Quincaillerie Luxe

Novia Due

Modern door, furniture and window handles for contemporary interiors

Although small in size, hardware accessories play an important role in the atmosphere and mood of a room. In addition to their functional role, they are also aesthetically pleasing. To achieve a harmonious design, every detail (shape, color, material and finish) counts.

Handles of brushed brass, furniture knobs of walnut, zamak models, porcelain, or bronze hooks, the choice is vast. But for the most modern interior, sobriety is the key word. The hardware is discreet and the mounting plate even blends in with the decor. The lines are clean and the chrome finish elegant. Gold, silver, black or white provide a subtle accent without being too obtrusive. In terms of shape, contemporary door handles are square or T-shaped with a futuristic look, such as the Como model by Quincalux in matte black or Robocinques by Colombo Design in chrome finish, found at Novia Due. To complete a modern atmosphere down to the smallest detail, windows and furniture are coordinated with minimalist long or recessed handles. Many contemporary references can be found at Modern Comfort Home, an upscale decorative hardware store in Lasne.


VILLAS Decoration Quincaillerie Luxe

Novia Due | Como de Quincalux

VILLAS Decoration Quincaillerie Luxe

Novia Due | Colombo Design | Robocinques

To go even further, it is also possible to equip your home, and more specifically your front door, with an intelligent connected door handle thanks to home automation.


Selection of original and ergonomic designer hardware accessories

To create unique hardware collections, the designers also think about the use of the product. The object must be beautiful, but also pleasant to use. This research results in ergonomic, unique pieces with a strong design.

Among our favorites:

VILLAS Decoration Quincaillerie Luxe

Ferm Living

VILLAS Decoration Quincaillerie Luxe

Colombo Design | Twitty

VILLAS Decoration Quincaillerie Luxe

Ligne Roset | Wall Hook: Envolee

VILLAS Decoration Quincaillerie Luxe

Vervloet | The Bubbles collection


VILLAS Decoration Quincaillerie Luxe

Vervloet | Béquille 1003 sur Plaque 1000

VILLAS Decoration Quincaillerie Luxe

Vervloet | Torna

References that are easy to handle and stand out in contemporary interiors. Because a successful interior design consists not only of quality furniture, but also of small objects and accessories that harmonize with the whole. And to buy these sublime findings that will make all the difference, go to the luxury hardware stores, your new favorite addresses for decoration.