Marble: a timeless classic

Marble has been particularly trendy in recent seasons and has taken its place at all levels of decoration. So much so that it has become a timeless element. Previously limited to the facades, floors and fireplaces of luxury homes, this metamorphic stone now invites itself into our interiors in a total look or in small discreet accents. This success is due to its beauty and elegant coloured veins.

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VILLAS Decoration marbre
© F.Raevens | Cromarbro

Marble sets the right tone in our interiors

Marble is the favourite material of luxury hotels and palaces, is also used in our homes to add intensity to the decoration and atmosphere.

This limestone-derived stone is as pleasant to touch as it is to look at, offering an aesthetic and refined finish. It is distinguished by its variety of varieties and colours with subtle shades of ochre, yellow, red or brown. Its soft grain and silky appearance add character and style to any room.

VILLAS Decoration marbre

Cafeine | Van den Weghe | Leiekouter | Stephane Boens

It is therefore quite common for this stone to cross the centuries without ageing and be a timeless trend.

Besides being a noble and rare material, it is also incredibly resistant. By paying special attention to its maintenance, this robust stone will last over time without losing its beauty.

A noble material with many facets, colours and veins

Depending on the location of the deposit, marble takes on different shades:

  • white marble from Carrara (Italy) with grey veining
  • black Khénifra (Morocco) with white veining
  • pink Atlas marble in Morocco with pink and beige veining;
VILLAS Decoration marbre

Cromarbo | Villa Segers interieur

  • Guatemalan green and its light green veining ;
  • Alicante red (Spain) with white veining ;
  • Imperial brown (Spain) with lighter veins.
VILLAS Decoration marbre

Cafeine | Van den Weghe | Pierre Daems

The veins, also called marbling, take on many unique colours and patterns, more or less graphic, giving the marble a value of authenticity. In terms of finish, polished marble is the most famous. It has a really chic mirror effect. The glossy finish has the ability to bring out the veins and reflect light to illuminate a room. The matt finish, in small accents, is the most elegant and trendy.

Polished or unpolished marble can be used in any colour in our homes.

VILLAS Decoration marbre

Potier Stone | Chrisma

Marble: the star of our interiors

Marble can be found in every room of our home: living room, dining room, bathroom and even the bedroom. It is used from the floor to the ceiling and on the walls, sparingly or in a total look for an ultra-modern result.

Due to the richness of its shades, it suits every decorating style. To enhance the atmosphere of a room or enlarge the space, choose white marble. In a bathroom, with more or less marbling, this colour offers a soothing thermal bath spirit. In the kitchen, white marble gives a noble character and is used on a central island or even on the worktop.

VILLAS Decoration marbre

Cafeine | Van den Weghe | Nathalie Deboel

The deeper black marble can easily be combined with modern spaces. With small accents and thanks to its chromatic nuances, it creates a designer and minimalist atmosphere.

VILLAS Decoration marbre

Cafeine | Potier Stone | Frederic Kielemoes

To keep up with current trends, we go for a more natural and muted hue: green, the main colour of recent seasons. This coloured marble is especially appreciated for its charm and Scandinavian look.

VILLAS Decoration marbre


A noble mineral material popular with designers

Marble is available in a wide range of decorative accessories and furniture, some more unique than others. Indeed, the variations of colours, veins and different roughness make the objects unique. This is why architects and designers use marble as their favourite material.

Among our selection of favourite designer marble pieces:

  • the high-quality multicoloured Swirl candles by designer Tom Dixon;
VILLAS Decoration marbre

Tom Dixon | Swirl Candelabra

  • the same designer’s delicate Stone marble suspension;
VILLAS Decoration marbre

Tom Dixon | Stone

  • Ferm Living’s asymmetric Arum floor lamp ;
VILLAS Decoration marbre

Ferm Living | Arum

  • Knoll’s iconic Tulip table and designed by Eero Saarinen.
VILLAS Decoration marbre

Knoll | Tulip table

  • Flexform’s Academy round coffee table designed by Antonio Citterio.
VILLAS Decoration marbre


Visit your Belgian interior design shops to find these and other trendy marble items: clocks, vases, mirrors, crockery, figurines, fabrics and even wallpaper.

The mineral trend in marble decoration

As the seasons go by, the craze for this stone does not seem to disappear. All the more so as it fits perfectly into our contemporary interiors. Marble, which is a cold material, combines with natural and warmer elements: wood, brass, copper, leather. A contrasting combination that highlights the beauty of this material while softening its solid and cold appearance. And if you are looking for alternatives to marble, we recommend :

  • granite, a natural stone with a grainy appearance;
  • Quartz, an aesthetically pleasing and highly resistant material;
  • Composite stone, a combination of different stone materials (marble, quartz, granite, glass);
  • Ceramics, made of high-temperature fired clay, currently in vogue.