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ECOFRIENDLY In Milan, for the 62nd edition of the Salone del Mobile, Italian publishers, as well as Belgian, Dutch, Scandinavian, French, and non-European ones, present their collections of indoor/outdoor furniture that do not deny their slow design inspiration or their undeniable seductive power. Eco-responsibility, uniqueness, strong visual potential: the best combination possible. stunning reissues Cassina, […]

The year 2024 is just around the corner, and it’s an astonishing time for the housing sector. At some point, we had to calm down, and after being cooped up (that’s not too strong a word!), the logical thing to do today is to TRAVEL. Hotel occupancy rates are at an all-time high, airline sales are soaring… in short, the industry is on a roll. So what can we, the publishers of home magazines, do? Adapting and helping our customers. Our motto is and always has been: kindness.

We’re so proud to say that, yes, the big brands follow and support us, because they love VILLAS and are pampered here. Yes, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to wow our readers, so that we can live up to our convictions and their expectations by presenting innovative talent that explodes their creativity. Yes, “this mag is good and inspiring” (as some would say) and it won’t stop evolving. The June issue promises happy days for those who read and love us.



A unique Mix

Housed in the smoked glass walls of the former Royale Belge building, the Mix is the fruit of an exemplary collaborative approach to renovation. Architects René Stapels and Pierre Dufau designed this listed building to serve as the headquarters of the Royale Belge de Bruxelles insurance company. Inspired by the John Deere world headquarters in […]


Belgian architects and interior designers

So how would you define the Belgian style? It can be accurately described as a blend of elegance and refinement, pure and graphic lines served by noble and natural materials, a range of neutral and sober colours and a sprinkling of mineral and plant touches echoing the outdoor environment. The specialists we are showcasing are […]


Art Week in London: 5 nights in the finest design hotels

With autumn colours in sight, London’s art fairs are once again attracting large numbers of collectors and art lovers at the beginning of October. On the agenda? Frieze London, Frieze Masters and PAD. Between Regents Park and Berkeley Square, the spotlight will shine on the most controversial art, the best of previous centuries and a […]


Design : belgian talents

Belgium has everything a designer needs to be happy: the history and culture associated with the discipline, people to collaborate with and space to work in. Created in 2018, the Collectible fair launched a design trend that is still going strong. The Design Market, offers a vision of vintage creation, while the For The Now […]


Art Dubaï

The gamble paid off for this gallery owner, recognised as one of the most influential women in the art world today. Meeting Leila Heller is tantamount to touching the stars for anyone with a sweeping passion for art. Originally from Iran, she studied art in New York, at Sotheby’s in London and in Washington, where […]


Villas The Book : Design

They will matter. They already matter. Between design, art design and virtuoso craftsmanship, Belgian and foreign designers alike are designing our everyday environment. And what they create is always in tune with the times. Design is 98% common sense and 2% futility. It’s not me who says so, but Philippe Starck – he’s never short […]