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Meeting with Olivier Dwek, architect of cultured residences

Collectors’ apartments and exclusive penthouses, exceptional mansions and breathtaking second homes… Knokke-le-Zoute, the beautiful districts of Paris and Brussels or even Greece and the most spectacular Greek islands no longer seem to hold any secrets for the Belgian architect Olivier Dwek. A visionary and designer who has also designed some of the most beautiful galleries, […]

This summer issue is all about originality!

After all, what do we look for when we are passionate about architecture, interior design, lifestyle, art and travel?

Diversity, novelty, and information.

Let’s continue to enjoy the good things in life, to dream as we are carried along by the current, because life isn’t always plain sailing! Have a wonderful summer…

Summer 2022
Conservatory design: a modern and elegant house extension

Once installed for practical reasons, over the years the common old garden conservatory has been updated to finally morph into a modern and elegant house extension. The entire architecture of a room can be changed by opening up one wall onto the outside world and creating space for any number of uses. A designer conservatory […]